King of glory settlement score how to calculate?

2022-05-10 0 By

The score is the result of a game in Honor of Kings in the form of numbers. The evaluation score needs to be considered from multiple dimensions. The highest score is 16 points, but sometimes more than 16 points will occur, which is an extreme case.How is the score calculated?The most intuitive calculation is based on K (Kell kills), D (Die dies) and A (Assist assists), but this is not the case for all heroes. Different classes use different algorithms, and KDA is just one of them.For example, if the shooter has a higher kill and output, a lower death rate, and a higher rating for tadado, the damage and control weight is relatively low.Assassins are based on kill rate and participation rate, so the weight of output per game is not high.Tanks focus on participation, damage and control, so kill and death rates are not heavily weighted.According to the hero attributes will also have a certain distinction, CAI Wenji bian Que more focused on the milk of the whole team, ox demon tends to damage and control time, so each class, each hero actually has an independent algorithm, can not be calculated with a set of publicity.