Northeast guy’s Quanzhou Year: at first sight, fall in love and see settled happy life

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On the afternoon of January 31 (New Year’s Eve), dahe, a young man from Jiamusi, Heilongjiang province, is preparing for the New Year’s Eve dinner with his family at a b&B in Gurongxiang, Quanzhou city.This is his second Spring Festival in Quanzhou, the dinner table in addition to northeast food, southern Fujian food also appeared.He said the fireworks that filled the streets of the old city created a sense of “steady happiness”.The Spring Festival Dinner in Quanzhou includes fried oyster, garlic sprouts, eggs, sweet potato powder…When talking about the cooking method of oyster fry, Dahe and his mother have a good understanding.When the minnan oyster was fried, Dahe could not help but taste it first.”The first time I tried it, I thought it was too delicious.But we are not used to using more sweet potato flour, so we made a little improvement, and this is quanzhou oyster fried with a northeast flavor.””Big Hyuk’s mother said with a smile.In addition to oyster frying, Dahe’s mother also likes to eat “caitou acid”, but also learned to pickle.This is the second time he spent the Spring Festival in Quanzhou.In his eyes, compared with the cold Spring Festival in northeast China, the Spring Festival in Quanzhou is very “hot” in terms of temperature and atmosphere.Open the mobile phone, he saw in the circle of friends “tail tooth” “worship god” “head tooth” and other folk activities of Quanzhou people are also bustling.Last Spring Festival, his mother accompanied him in Quanzhou, this year, his uncle’s family also came.”I have seen pictures of Spring Festival in Quanzhou before in the Museum of Overseas Transportation History, and the Lantern Festival and ‘stepping on the street’, which is particularly interesting to look at.”Big he said, if there is a chance, want to experience more quanzhou New Year folk customs.Full of fireworks and human touch let him fall in love with Quanzhou at first sight “The ‘blessing’ of Quanzhou, is let a person feel safe fireworks gas, is visible everywhere human touch.Hector said.During the May Day holiday in 2020, Dahe, who was working in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, drove to Quanzhou with his friends.In quanzhou days, big Hector lived in the west street of the home stay facility, every day in the old street even, smell the smell of cooking every household, feel the whole people to relax, “I work pressure is bigger, basically division at 8:30 in the morning every day do ten in the evening, after the end of the holiday to go back to work, I always forget in quanzhou the secure happiness”.In June 2020, Dahe resigned and decided to settle down in Quanzhou.”I couldn’t understand it at the time.He is still young, has not been to many places, why like Quanzhou?”Therefore, Dahe’s mother asked for leave to accompany him on a road trip to most of the southern provinces, the last stop of the road trip came to Quanzhou.”I asked him which city he liked best, and he chose Quanzhou.”The second time came to Quanzhou big He gave up the high-paying job, in July chassis under a b&B, became the “new Quanzhou people.””In the past two years, I feel the happiness of living in Quanzhou, where there is special human touch.Just plate under homestay, the front yard of the eldest brother to see my car no place to park, let us stop at his door.The neighbor across the street came to say hello and told us not to be polite when we need help.””Said Big Herbert’s mother.”During the Spring Festival, you must take your family to visit the world Heritage sites.”Last Spring Festival, Daehyuk said, he took his mother and a Beijing guest of his b&B to Places including Odian, Xiaozuo and Zuo Beach.This year, world Heritage sites in the downtown area are the “main goal” for him and his family, and If guests who stay during the Spring Festival are interested, Dahyuk will show them around.When Quanzhou succeeded in applying for world Heritage, Dahe was very happy.”In Quanzhou, I got to know a group of partners who are engaged in cultural and creative work, and they have a good understanding of Quanzhou culture.I would often ask them for their stories of world heritage sites, and then go back to the b&B to tell the guests.Hope more people understand Quanzhou, identify with Quanzhou, fall in love with Quanzhou.”Another reason quanzhou has retained Dahe is that he is particularly touched by the ingrained sense of mission that local youth have for inheriting traditional culture.”I asked many local friends if they would leave Quanzhou if there were good development opportunities in other cities, and they all said no.The young people here love the city and protect and inherit traditional culture, which is unmatched in other places.”Year of the Tiger arrived, big he hope family health, home stay business booming, Quanzhou also want to get better and better, let more people see, let more people fall in love with.