Sugarcane, tanghulu, the most with the flavor of snacks

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Sugarcane, tanghulu, the most snacks with the Flavor of the New Year sun Xinhe since childhood, I prefer to eat sugarcane, tanghulu.Especially during the Spring Festival, they have become an essential snack for me.In my hometown, we also grow a plant similar to sugar cane, we call it millet section (sound), sweet stem.According to the traditional customs of the hometown, sweet poles must be eaten during the Spring Festival, which represents the days of the year and will be happy and sweet from beginning to end.As the saying goes, it is better than ignorance.Once in the mouth, the difference between the cane and the sweet stem is evident.Sugarcane’s thin skin makes it very easy to bite.In addition, its sweetness is much higher than the sweet rod.It is not known when he appeared in the small county, so far are best-selling.Completely replaced the sweet rod.Crucially, the seller also takes care of the peeling, including the juicing.Eat sweet pole in the past, do not provide such service to you at all.Buy or not, that’s our attitude.Besides being tasty, sugar cane is also very seasonal.He grew up in the south.When the north is covered with ice and snow, its mature stage has just arrived, which makes it a perfect gift for Chinese people to celebrate the Spring Festival.That is to say, when you see a large number of sugarcane appear in the market, it is not far from the New Year.After the New Year, with the rising temperature, sugarcane gradually disappeared, and not many people were willing to deliberately eat it again.There is a folk saying, qingming sugar cane, poisonous snake.Don’t believe it. It’s not groundless.The sugarcane skin looks hard, but it forms cuts during harvest, exposing the pulp.Combined with the impact of storage conditions and transportation environment, it is easy to have the risk of mold contamination.If it is found that some floc or villous white material appears at both ends of sugarcane, after peeling, there are red filamentous matter on its cross section.This proves that the cane has gone bad.Eating this sugar cane can cause digestive discomfort, such as nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.Severe dizziness, headache, blurred vision, convulsions, and even death.Sugar-coated gourd is more interesting to talk about.It looks unremarkable, but it tastes delicious, sweet and sour.His main ingredient is hawthorn, it is because of this reason, doomed to his extraordinary.Hawthorn conduce to human body digest not only, still can fall blood fat, fight sclerosis of arterial atherosclerosis, having great benefit to cardiovascular system likewise, quite rare.It is not easy to make hawthorn into tanghulu, and there are certain skills.Pick hawthorn with even head, wash and remove the end.Then use long skewers and keep the number at six or seven.Want to remind is, give hawthorn nuclear also clear out, want to affect taste.Next, put the rock sugar in the pot, and then pour the same amount of boiling water to heat.The rock sugar melts completely and becomes a light yellow foam.Finally string together good hawthorn put go in fast roll, be stained with rock candy juice, take subsequently, put in besmear edible oil iron dish, solidified 10 minutes, accomplished.Ice-sugar gourd and sugarcane have common characteristics, both suitable for cold.If it is summer, rock sugar juice can not be fixed, down the hawthorn string flowing down, good food will be completely waste.Interestingly, after years of development, ice-sugar gourd is no longer a simple hawthorn, kiwi, orange, grape and strawberry, which can better meet the needs of foodies.All say that there is no New Year flavor now, according to me, or did not find the way.The real flavor of the New Year is around you and me, there are scenery, food, and tong Qu, just need to be hard to find.