A Map of Thousands of Miles of Rivers and Mountains in Chinese New Year

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This article was transferred from;The Spring Festival TV screen in the year of the tiger, the central radio and television international’s Chinese channel broadcast the 7 sets of documentary “in”, with deep cultural inside information, covering hot flavor of life, a wide range of knowledge, as well as to the traditional context, bear the ethics of the country, people become a seat again talked excitedly about cultural feast.The Spring Festival is the most anticipated and enjoyable ceremony for the Chinese people.”In” based on the present, from the Spring Festival, is divided into “reunion” “JingDian” “welcome” “New Year” “fortune” theme “roots” seven “yuanxiao”, in order to record and review cross weaving way of narrative, through before, during and after the Spring Festival three periods in the typical region, events, characters, and reflect in all over the world celebrate the Spring Festival,Tracing the past and present life of nian culture, exploring the cultural significance hidden behind a series of ritualized life rituals, and feeling the everlasting feelings of Chinese people’s family and country.The “flavors” of the Chinese New Year are rich and diverse.Senior team hand-picked 30 typical Chinese family story of the Spring Festival, paint a picture of China’s annual “Trinidad Jiang Shantu” – from jiangnan informed for sea straw jiaodong seashore, from jan to distributed in liupanshan horse bench dragon, off the coast of fujian from the frontier settlement villages of folk kitchen sacrifice ritual to the hometown of overseas Chinese family reunion dinner,The vivid scenes of “small reunion” of one family and one village constitute the glorious landscape of “grand reunion” of the Chinese nation.Despite the difficulties of overseas filming in the context of the epidemic prevention and control, the documentary, in the form of transnational cooperation, filmed touching stories of overseas Chinese gathering together in the UK and New Zealand to celebrate the Chinese New Year with their families back home, conveying the good wishes of a world of one mind.On the basis of the archetypal story of picking steaming hot air, The Taste of Nian focuses on its cultural extension and deep digging of history.Through the interviews with 11 Chinese and foreign experts, this paper makes an in-depth interpretation of Chinese culture from the aspects of cultural anthropology, history, folklore, literature and art, and folk literature.Especially cubin, Roger Ames, mark yeandle six world famous Sinologist, with global view in China, to show the world the Chinese ancient yearning for a better life, illustrates the perennial root of Chinese culture, in the comparison of Chinese and foreign cultures and appreciation grew to know each other, in the world view to strengthen the identification of the community of human destiny.