“Only turn up the brightness, can understand the meme!”The devil is in the details hahahahaha

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Where did you buy this phone? Now I know why the teacher brings a stick to class. She is so low-key for a star!Dude, how long has it been since you wiped your computer?So dirty “only the brightness of the light, to understand the meme!”Details determine success or failure ha ha ha ha ha so beautiful girl to me a dozen!What’s up, big brother?Looks like a good watermelon master, did I catch you?Erha: Hua Wen, hua Wu is you two!Yeah, why do you call us hahahahahahaha source of joy!?What can you do if you can’t even pull a string?Am I confused? I saw a girl drinking soup in the air yes, this is the life I want in summer with such a dad, mom is redundant big sister looks very imposing big sister how can you sell the pig feet are so tasty are late, should be weak.The fish that successfully beat the dog, this swan eats a little better!Ha-ha Barefoot is not afraid to wear shoes, really eat with real ability aunt suddenly came in without knocking, really embarrassed dog poop candy?Is there such a thing?Would anyone eat it?He thought it was laying eggs ah, said the next next no boyfriend of the end practice hip-hop kick to the children last little sister, a little lazy!Big brother, the same meal, why so big difference kid, next autumn famous mountain car god is you originally every barber, or magician!Wife to do the dishes, the sun shines small turtle professional advice small three, help remarry!Let’s get down there, the owner of the car should be a woman, the girl’s heart is full ah turn me around if it’s not afraid of the audience inferiority, I must have made it, buddy, how do I say you?The duck must have been trained to hide!I wonder what this little man is thinking right now?Look silly!The performance is also too realistic good partner is, at the key time pull you a refueling golden hair, go home to eat meat!Afraid of…New friends, welcome to the post-80s childhood experience, which is now a precious memory!Smooth action into a game is fun, is the phone screen is not clean brother this installed I give full marks!Er Wang, you have to be responsible for your behavior today time to test intelligence, this problem you can?