Preferential viewing 50% off!Jinan city issued 2 million cultural travel benefit subsidies to accompany you to spend the New Year

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During the 2022 Spring Festival holiday, Jinan will organize and carry out more than 150 cultural and tourism activities with the theme of “Golden Tiger, Happy New Year and Full Spring City”, and issue 2 million yuan of consumption coupons for cultural travel and benefiting people through the city’s consumption season service platform “Tiepiao”.It is understood that jinan consumption season service platform on the shelves of all kinds of cultural travel products, online coupon orders can enjoy 5-70% discount shopping.Citizens can enter the small program of “sticking tickets” through wechat search, and receive the “Jinan culture and tourism benefit consumption voucher” for free. The subsidy scope covers cultural tourism, film performances, books, newspapers, traditional crafts and many other enterprises in the cultural and tourism industry.Special discount movie 50% discount movie banquet to celebrate the Spring Festival together with Luxin, New Century, Belle Palace, happy Blue Ocean and other major cooperation cinemas, issued a batch of 50% discount, full reduction of movie coupons, the public can through the “post ticket ticket” micro channel mini program, first get coupons, then buy tickets, online seat to enjoy ticket discount, benefit people subsidies.Film festival in 2022, the watergate bridge of long jin lake, American aid towards drama “sniper”, “the miracle, stupid child”, “four seas”, “the killer is not very calm,” bears, returning to the earth “, “pleasant goat and Wolffy basket out of the future” and “tiger mound big hero” attractions fascinating, war drama, comedy, animation, etc.,Basically can cover all ages, for the family to watch a richer choice.Scenic spot ticket to enjoy the holidays to travel discount degrees joint ctrip travel consumption season, spring city of above, the 9 top tower China folk pleasure garden, stone multifunction forest park, jinan fant Oriental god characteristics such as scenic spots on the special offer discount tickets, in the “post polarizer” platform real-name authentication can enjoy the highest 6 discount ticket prices are favorable, no coupon redemption, preferential lapse.In addition to ticket discount, during the Spring Festival, the city’s key tourist attractions also prepared a variety of festival activities.Chinese New Year folk activities “Full of Flavor”.Jinan party, Oriental god area “of the spring Lantern Festival”, jinan and chong wen brigade town launched “2022”, a light meal, light section, huayi brothers movie town “tiger tiger tide big temple fair”, impression, jinan springs, launched the “Lantern Festival” and “freak show” special purchases, 9 top tower scenic spot “happy Chinese year”, which are held in jinan oct joy will hold “Lantern Festival”,Wulongtan Park held the “Qin Qiong Blessing Cultural Tourism Festival” (online), major scenic areas decorated with lanterns to welcome the New Year.Winter Olympics ice and snow activities “full of passion”.Jinan launched “Winter in Jinan” and two other routes to be selected as the province’s 2022 Spring Festival sports tourism boutique routes. Citizens and tourists can try their skills at major ski resorts such as Jinxiang Mountain, Wuding Hu Mountain and Xueye, or enjoy the beautiful scenery in winter near the world’s best Spring, Qianfoshan Mountain, Lingyan Temple and Qi Great Wall.Jinan Paomaling scenic spot held the “Qilu Snow Village Culture Festival”, Jiumountain, Hongye Valley, Laiwu Color Stone creek and other scenic spots launched the “icefall Festival”, “snow Festival”, tourists can enjoy the world of ice and snow, enjoy the rime, icefall landscape.