Shangqiu Liangyuan Court raised the national flag to unite the original aspiration

2022-05-11 0 By

On February 7, the first working day after the Spring Festival, the People’s Court of Liangyuan District in Shangqiu city organized a solemn flag-raising ceremony.The rising five-star red flag further strengthens the police’s original aspiration, further enhances their sense of mission and responsibility, and further strengthens their cohesion and centripetal force. They are determined to unite as one and march forward in the New Year and make new contributions to the legal construction of the whole society.In the past year, police officers of Liangyuan District Court never forget their original intention, keep their mission firmly in mind, forge ahead in unity, and march forward bravely. They tried and executed more than 24,000 cases of various kinds, and successfully completed the trial tasks.New Year, new beginning, Liangyuan Court police determined in the New Year, further strengthen the responsibility, further improve the quality of justice for the people, in the new journey to achieve more proud performance, better practice of justice for the people.Author: Wang Jianhua, Zhang Yanhui