What kind of TV show is armed with hundreds of millions of dollars?

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Armed escort hundreds of billions of dollars is the TV drama “Top secret escort” inside the plot, this is a police suspense drama, is directed by kong Sheng, actors Wang Ban, Li Chen, Ji Bo starring, tells the story of the main male tao Di after joining the armed police nine squadron from being suspected to stick to the original heart, the final success story.Tao Tao joined the armed police nine is a team in charge of escort, he was transferred into this team because of his outstanding fist and foot kung fu.But his first execution of the task on the situation, fortunately, captain Shao Di trust him very much.Then he broke the rules again in the execution of the mission, attracting the attention of the deputy squadron leader.But Tao Tao did not disappoint Shao Di’s trust, in a transnational escort mission to show his extraordinary ability, but also to help other comrades, won everyone’s respect and trust.Armed escort hundreds of billions of money this story is captain Shao Di command and implementation, behind the attack.When the convoy got stuck in traffic, an old man posing as a traffic warden told them there was an abandoned road to take.Believing them, they took the road and the convoy’s tire was punctured by a special nail.Shao then spotted a model plane flying through the sky and directed his soldiers to shoot it down, causing an explosion.The drama shows the work and life of the escorts, and the escorts are very real.The plot interspersed with family, friendship, love and other elements, making the drama a strong sense of conflict, can be said to be great sorrow, great joy, great loyalty and great righteousness.As a military drama, the struggles of little people like Tao Tao are really fascinating.