Love coupe SUV, but suffer from too little budget!Why not consider Pentium B70S, starting at $110,900

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In recent years, with the increasing demand of young people to buy cars, personalization is becoming more and more important.Ordinary SUVs on the market can no longer meet the needs of most young consumers.And then the domestic traditional independent car tycoons have made efforts to sedan SUV, to occupy the SUV segment market.Perhaps this move can attract many young people’s eyes!And coupe SUV since BMW X6, let people realize that this kind of shape can also be both power and beauty, and caused a stir in a short time.But the price of several hundred thousand is still daunting for most consumers.In recent years, with the rapid development of independent brand paper manufacturing power, it is not difficult to build a sedan SUV, so such as Geely Xingyue, Hafu F7X and Changan CS85 Coupe and other sedan models have sprung up like mushrooms.Pentium B70S was unveiled before the guangzhou Auto Show in 2021. It can be said that Pentium B70S is definitely the most anticipated independent brand SUV in 2022.The new car is positioned as “New China Tide Coupe SUV”, relying on the strategic planning and development layout of FAW Group, and fully independent forward research and development by FAW Pentium.Based on the design concept of “sexy surface of light and shadow philosophy”, equipped with infinite equation FMA architecture, the appearance level and intelligent technology are fully developed to the preferences of young consumers.The new car officially rolls off the production line in FAW Changchun Ulshan plant today and simultaneously opens the presale, the presale price is 1109-143,900 yuan, just look at the price is very fragrant!First of all, in terms of appearance, the Pentium B70S still continues the pentium B70’s aesthetic design concept.The front face has been upgraded and evolved for the familial design of “digital raindrop” on the grid shape, maintaining the technical design language and atmosphere, while distinguishing from the family products, more recognizable.On the side of the body, the new car integrates the elements of “coupe SUV”, highlighting the passability of SUV, but also has the low lying and sporty feeling of a car, which is also the key to the car friends’ joke that it looks like Mazda CX-4.Perhaps this is the reason why FAW Pentium inherits part of faW Mazda’s technology.In terms of body dimensions, the Pentium B70S is 4555mm/1850mm/1515mm in length, width, and height, respectively, with a wheelbase of 2750mm.Compared with the radical shape of the front face, the rear design of the car is a little dull. The penetrating taillight has a very nice name: the rear taillight of the Great Wall arrow stack. The effect is good after the actual lighting.The rear of the car is the most eye-catching dual spoiler high tail, not only brings a strong movement breath, but also effectively reduce the wind resistance coefficient, increase the stability of high-speed driving.Came to the car, give priority to with dark tonal, punctuated by a few bright silver decorations adorn the vitrification of digital cockpit adopted simplified design gimmick, underscores the star light meter atmosphere presence of light, laser laser carving process, as a base, plus 7 inch LCD combination instrument + double 12.3 inch screen “atmosphere of science and technology group”,It’s futuristic with a touch of luxury, and I have to say that the designers of Pentium B70S have taken care of the needs and preferences of young people very well. It might be hard to find another product with such a nice interior texture at the same price.The shape of the seat is sporty, especially the wide waist support, leg support and shoulder support, which can make the seat of pentium B70S provide good body support during intense driving.Meanwhile, Pentium D-Life 5.2 AI Smart ecosystem + Smart home service covers 28 categories of smart functions.L2 level intelligent driving assistance, lane keeping, ACC adaptive cruise and other functions.Equipped with more than a dozen active safety equipment, including the front car collision warning, intelligent speed limit reminder, automatic emergency braking configuration to ensure the safety of owners and pedestrians, automatic parking system (APA) easy to achieve one-button parking.In terms of comfort configuration, Pentium B70S is equipped with the main driver seat with welcoming function, which can realize seat memory, heating, automatic backsliding and 6-speed electric adjustment, greatly improving the convenience of different drivers.In addition, super filter element high temperature elimination air conditioning system, two-zone independent control, eight-layer filter structure of formaldehyde, TVOC, PM2.5 and other harmful gases to effectively block, antibacterial performance up to 99%.At the same time, anti-corrosion treatment technology to avoid the surface of the system parts due to water mildew and odor, always ensure the fresh and natural air inside the car.Maybe for the previous consumers, as long as a car pricing is appropriate, other aspects are acceptable, then its power is enough, “will accept” is no problem, so this pentium B70S by the Chinese take over, how is the power?Is there really as the Internet ridicule so that people do not trust?The Pentium B70S is equipped with two powertrains of 1.5T and 2.0T, with maximum power of 124kW and 165kW, respectively, and peak torque of 258N·m and 340N·m.The traditional system is matched with 6-speed manual, 7-speed wet dual clutch and 6-gear automatic transmission.Compared with the 2.0-L and 2.5-L self-priming engines that Mazda CX-4 had maintained for many years, the improvement in power parameters was obvious. However, without the support of Tron Blue technology, the fuel consumption performance of Pentium B70S also improved, which could be improved by adding a light hybrid power system in the future.It is worth mentioning that this 2.0t engine is a high-performance engine of FAW 4GC series, which integrates a number of independent core intellectual property rights and advanced technologies. In a sense, the existence of this engine reflects the progress made by China’s automotive industry in the field of internal combustion engine technology in recent years.Therefore, the power system of Pentium B70S is not as bad as what is said on the Internet. Of course, the actual performance of pentium B70S will be deeply understood only after the personal test drive. At least in terms of data and fuel consumption, it is a coupe SUV that can be used for family and sports.Sales data show that the cumulative sales volume of FAW Pentium in January this year is only 5466 units, which is not pretty. According to the sales target of FAW Group in 2022, the sales target of FAW Pentium in 2022 is 100,000 units. The following task can be said to be very difficult.And this niche model Pentium B70S can be regarded as faW Pentium the most important attempt to open the year, perhaps the pre-sale price of 110,900 yuan will make many young consumers like this model tempted!