Raoyang small dike village iron Drum temple doctor in addition to the legend of the plague

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Ten years ago, listen to the raoyang county cultural center over eighty archaeological experts Liu Yu Gao old man speaking, RaoYang county south three miles music township iron drum temple “early” is famous: when the warring states period of yan name “zhong joy yi” of sun le  uncle once lived in this life, so is the emperor gaozu Liu Bangfang to seal society “le township hou” le township principality (raoyang predecessor).Liu Xiu, emperor Guangwu of the Eastern Han Dynasty, was chased by Wang Lang and fled to Tiegu Temple. Late at night, the tiegu sounded from its own voice, waking Liu Xiu to flee to the south, leaving the story of “Saving Liu Xiu from its own voice”.In addition, there are cao Guojiu and Tie Guai Li in the Tie Drum Temple to become immortal legend;The legend of yue Xiang Opera troupe actually killing and chopping on stage in Henan province;Among them, the old man said, the most magical and inherited story is the story of the “miracle doctor” of Tiegu Temple who helped the people of Shandong to eliminate the “epidemic” and save water and fire.According to legend, shandong province in the early years of the “epidemic”, countless dead, ten rooms and nine empty, people displaced, refuge elsewhere.To practice the elders, suddenly one day, the street in the city is a large dying, busy called people inside and see the healer good-natured, wind fairy bone, claims to hebei province township RenShi, have to hua tuo chuan (han HuaTuoZeng RaoYang area on the south and north good shelter) practicing medicine medicine cure, w a listen to this offering to this, the spirit of a vibration said: as long as can cure disease, he shall be to reward every year!The old man said, “No, as long as you take more medicine according to this prescription, put the bag into the well, and cure everyone, there will be nothing to worry about.” Then he wrote the prescription and floated away.The family chased mo, had to press the prescription to take medicine, the attendant outside take next, sleep deep at night, sweat wet clothes, early morning cough several sound, filth vomit, feel refreshed, get up and get out of bed one by one good!In accordance with the doctor’s advice, the officials quickly took out the gold and silver, drove their families to collect traditional Chinese medicine, and threw it into the well. Within ten days, the epidemic disappeared and all the people were saved.Members Thanksgiving Dai De, the first day of the New Year, with a party of people’s entrust, ready gifts, set on the car, while walking has been found raoyang County small dike village, about the doctor, the village people are shaking their heads do not know, and mention “music township”, the villagers to the south of the village a point to say:That, the village is three miles south, ancient known as Music township, Hutuo River flood destroyed the village, people moved to the small embankment now, renamed the small embankment village, ancient music township only iron Drum temple a.The member drove to, but see iron drum temple coloured glaze reflected sunset, hutuo around the pagoda, iron drum can be called strange, “dong dong” wind blowing, incense in the furnace, gubai yinggui crow.Member outside dark contemplate, good a spirit holy land!Then get off to inquire about the divine doctor, the believer waved his hand and said: there is no divine doctor in the temple.Member outside feel suspicious, the doctor sound and appearance, just like at the moment, had to walk leisurely court, while walking to see, when the degree into the hall, looked up, not from the knees crisp down, hands folded, already grateful, said: MY Buddha god doctor, finally have to thank return wish!The original iron Drum temple Buddha appeared, incarnated doctor, not far away, rescue, wipe out the epidemic.Mr. Liu, who is in his eighties, continued:I am a history of deep county, north village, away from the north iron drum temple three mile, hours often go there to play, then iron drum temple basic in ruins, only a pagoda, the Japan also let the plane to fry, but the statue of Buddha figures are known, incense is still strong, people must have a year of shandong people burn incense to worship Buddha, constantly year after year, handed down from generation to generation, continues today…Asked the old man in the village, said the same.