Tangyuan is not yuanxiao, the difference is very big, the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival what to eat?The higher knowledge

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“Year to Lantern Festival lights burning, dragon teng Shiwu sleepless night.”Suddenly, the annual Lantern Festival is coming, the Lantern Festival is generally regarded as a formal ending of the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival also known as the Lantern Festival, the Lantern Festival and so on, the night families will prepare a table in a big family reunion dinner, after dinner, enjoy the Lantern Festival, guess lantern riddles, fireworks, and finally to eat a bowl of hot soft waxy sweet dumplings,Before the Lantern Festival is noisy.Although the 15th day of the first month is called the Lantern Festival, can be ten miles of different wind, a hundred miles of different customs, not every family on this day is to eat yuanxiao, the so-called “north Yuanxiao, south tangyuan”, in the south on this day is more to eat tangyuan.Many people wonder why yuanxiao and Tangyuan have different names because they look the same.In fact, tangyuan and yuanxiao are made in completely different ways. Tangyuan is “wrapped” and Yuanxiao is “rolled”.According to records, Tangyuan originated in the Song Dynasty, a kind of food that emerged in Mingzhou at that time, also known as the present ningbo City. It was originally called “Fuyuanzi”. Tangyuan is made of sesame flour mixed with lard and granulated sugar to make a ball filling, and glutinous rice flour mixed with water to make a skin that wraps the filling and kneads it into a round pot.Yuanxiao without tangyuan “age”, is said to have originated in the yuan dynasty, in the Lantern Festival this day, according to the traditional people will eat dumplings, but in the north street can make dumplings cake shop is small, can’t timely supply a lot of dumplings, then invented the batch production of “tangyuan” method, and the good filling in glutinous rice powder, into the water again after shaking dip in water, put back into glutinous rice powder and shake again,Repeat this several times, in a short time can produce a large number of yuanxiao.Because of the speed of the birth of yuanxiao, but also delicious, layers of rolling glutinous rice flour after boiling become soft, sweet and delicious bite.Both tangyuan and Yuanxiao have a long history of production and consumption, and are also the festival food of the Lantern Festival. There is no good or bad successively. Regardless of eating that kind of food, it has a good meaning of “round and round”.Tangyuan and Yuanxiao have their own characteristics, delicate and smooth tangyuan, rich fillings, the taste of Yuanxiao soft waxy, boiled yuanxiao soup is good to drink, today in the supermarket variety of flavor tangyuan is easy to buy, and yuanxiao can only rely on luck to see if they can be bought on the street to eat.If you like or want to eat yuanxiao, you can try to make it at home. It is simple and quick. You can also mix out your favorite fillings according to your own taste.Ingredients for homemade yuanxiao: glutinous rice flour, black sesame, cooked peanuts, white sugar, osmanthus flowers, butter.1, black sesame as the main filling, when buying to choose good quality fresh and clean black sesame.Bring the wok to a low heat, add the black sesame seeds and stir-fry gently for about 8 minutes. Turn off the heat until fragrant and crackling.2, cooked peanuts with skin need to peel the peanut skin, the fried black sesame and peanut respectively into the stone mortar, ground into a grinding shape, or home cooking machine can be broken with cooking machine.3, will be prepared sesame powder, peanut kernels, with just the right amount of sugar, sweet osmanthus is put into the bowl, adding suitable amount of melted butter, if have the lard oil can also be put in a little fat, oil and filling ratio of about 1 kg stuffing with 2 two oil, then add a few teaspoons of glutinous rice powder and a small amount of water, stir, stir into the dough.4. Knead the mixed black sesame filling into small balls. When kneading, knead the filling tightly to avoid breaking it when wrapping glutinous rice flour.5. Prepare two large POTS respectively. Pour a large amount of glutinous rice powder into one pot and spread it out evenly.Put the stuffing into the basin and shake it left and right to coat the stuffing evenly with glutinous rice flour.6, wrapped in a layer of glutinous rice flour dumplings with a spider, put it into the water, after the water will be put back into the glutinous rice flour, continue to shake wrapped in glutinous rice flour, again put it into the spider, this step repeated 5-8 times, the stuffing can be completely wrapped by the glutinous rice flour evenly.Do a good job of yuanxiao, boiled water pot pot, boil until floating off the fire, soft and sweet yuanxiao can be opened to eat.According to Lao Jing, the stuffing you buy for yuanxiao will put more sugar in it, so you don’t have to put too much sugar in it when you make it. The reduction in sugar may reduce the taste, but it will be healthier to eat.Do not stir the yuanxiao when it is cooked. Glutinous rice flour is not as strong as tangyuan. Wait until the yuanxiao is cooked and then push the pot slowly.Yuanxiao is best to eat and do, did not eat to store in a low temperature ventilated place, storage time is not more than 24 hours, or in the freezer, but the storage time is shorter, the better to remember that yuanxiao can not be frozen.# I am the market foraging record, and the world for many years, still glorious, still full of interest!Daily update food menu and market life, pay attention to me, enjoy comfortable life do not get lost.