The quick response mechanism for copyright protection of the Winter Olympics was launched in full sync with the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games

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Workers’ Daily client reporter Su Mo with the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, winter Paralympic Games into the ongoing, the Winter Olympic Copyright protection work into a critical stage.Recently, the central propaganda department, deputy minister jian-chun zhang visit sympathy Olympics anti-piracy task force on-duty staff, do a good job in the Olympic Games, being a good host, urgent need us to do a good job of copyright protection of the Olympic Games, it was not just to maintain the international Olympic committee (ioc), Olympic sponsors and related obligee’s legitimate rights and interests, also is related to its international commitments, our government establish good international image.He called on the anti-piracy working group to strengthen division of labor and cooperation among member units and intensify investigation and punishment of infringements related to the Winter Olympics.To consolidate the main responsibility of the network platform, the winter Olympics copyright protection work requirements into practice.To strengthen the publicity, to create a good winter Olympics copyright protection atmosphere.Anti-piracy work for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games has been in full swing, according to an official with the anti-piracy task force.One is to deploy the winter Olympics copyright protection concentrated action.On January 27th, the nca, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, culture and tourism, the state administration of radio, television, the state Internet information office jointly issued by the National Copyright Administration focused action implementation of games such as copyright protection notice, clear between January 2022 to march, strive to control unauthorized dissemination games events program’s behavior,It will crack down on all kinds of infringement and piracy of audiovisual, text, art, music and other works related to the Winter Olympic Games, and effectively regulate the communication order of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games through a combination of administrative and criminal means.Second, further strengthen the main responsibility of the network platform.On Jan 29, the National Copyright Administration (NCA) released the first batch of key copyright protection early warning list for 2022, which includes programs related to the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in the copyright early warning list and requires relevant Internet service providers to take key protection measures for those programs.On January 30, the anti-piracy working group of the Winter Olympic Games issued clear requirements to all online platforms, including strengthening early warning protection, enhancing duty of care, improving complaint channels, strengthening joint control mechanism, strict user management, cooperating with investigation and handling of cases, and smooth connection of the games.Third, the competition anti-piracy team has started its work.In the form of 7X24 hours centralized office, the team will collect and analyze infringement clues in real time, promptly and quickly deal with infringement propagation behaviors of the Winter Olympics, and severely investigate and handle all kinds of infringement cases related to the Winter Olympics.