“Washing is healthier”?Women, stop being misled. It could backfire

2022-05-12 0 By

Ladies, have you ever been brainwashed into thinking that your “private parts” should be cleaned regularly?Had better use bactericidal lotion to just feel more at ease?Today, Pharmacist Cui will give you a popular science, let you avoid stepping on the pit.Just like the rest of the body, a girl’s private areas are home to a lot of bacteria. To protect her body from germs from the outside world, our bodies have evolved a clever self-protection mechanism. The vaginal flora forms a delicate balance that not only does not cause damage to her vagina, but also protects her.But in gynecological lotion advertising crazy wash the pituitary, a lot of girls think even if it’s just a slight discomfort, vulva or slightly leucorrhoea is unusual, also think they have gynecopathy, then buy all kinds of lotion, hope to “wash more health”, however, these lotion while inhibit the harmful bacteria, beneficial bacteria also inhibited, the balance of the vagina is broken soon,All kinds of disease-causing bacteria can make waves in the vagina, causing the occurrence of disease.So somebody’s going to ask, what about women’s personal care without lotions?In fact, our body has a powerful self-protection mechanism, and routine care is simply to wash the outside with clean, flowing water.Do not use the product without authorization.Even if there is genital itching, it is not necessarily vaginitis, need to pass a routine examination to diagnose leucorrhea.If it is not vaginitis, pay attention to personal hygiene, frequent bathing, frequent change of underwear, excessive washing with lotion, will interfere with the vaginal environment, destroy the natural barrier of the human body, but easy to get sick.Now do you have a certain understanding of the care?I hope it was helpful.I am Xiao Cui medicine doctor, follow me, learn more about medicine.