Will you be in multiple blockbuster movies?Liu Haocun issued a statement: many are “false resources”, do not eat melon do not believe melon

2022-05-12 0 By

Last night, Liu Haocun’s studio released a statement on its official Weibo account, saying that many Internet users openly spread false statements about Liu haocun’s “fake resources” on online platforms, and made personal attacks and malicious smearings of Liu.The studio has clarified and advised some source users to delete it at the first time, but it has not deleted it yet.Some network users even physically abused Ms. Liu Haocun’s fans and harassed relatives and friends, causing extremely bad negative impact, which has evolved into network violence.Said in a statement issued by relevant web users about ms Liu Haocun in 2020, “chongqing forest” nightlife “gift of the mother,” remember, young traveller, “” bring her eyes” “home” of alzheimer’s “great life” “baishan blackwater errenzhuan” and so on the content of the film are malicious compilation ulterior motives, and serious.Liu haocun studio later forwarded the statement and said: “On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, Ms. Liu Haocun and liu Haocun Studio wish everyone a happy Chinese New Year!Please do not eat melon, do not believe melon, everything is subject to the official publicity of the work.Best wishes to the movies that are showing and the ones that are not mentioned in the statement.””Four Seas,” starring Liu Haocun, is currently hitting theaters during the Spring Festival season and has grossed more than 400 million yuan.But the film’s word-of-mouth was mediocre compared with other Chinese New Year films, causing it to drop from second place at the single-day box office on its opening day to fifth place today.Liu haocun’s acting has also been questioned by some viewers, for example, some people think that her lines need to be improved, and there are some inherent flaws in the character itself, which makes the whole character hover rather than land, which is regrettable.What do you think of Liu Hao-chun’s performance in Four Seas?Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn