Yeluo li: Yan Jue to ice princess will use nine tail force, usually is to suppress

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Yan Jue this fairy in character, temper is very good, a lot of times will act as a peacemaker, lingxi Pavilion owners after conflicts, he will immediately mediate.Of course, if ling Xi Ge Lord did something wrong, as master yan Jue will also snapped, just like ice princess, water prince, Pang Zun and poison haixing to the human world to destroy, make Yan Jue rare hair temper.If mandola had not coveted the power of Lingxi and designed to let lingxi pavilion fall apart, Yan Jue’s position is still unshakable.As for Yan Jue’s secret, we get a lot of enlightenment in The sequel Ice Lotus.Yan Jue’s identity is also clearly revealed.The original art fairy only yan Jue, and is a classical yiling, but time flies, the birth of new Yiling, colorful as the representative of the spirit of modern art began to challenge the authority of the old Yan Jue.In order to resolve the contradiction between the classicism and modernism, two art spirit is one, forming the present Yan Jue.However, most of the time, or classical Yiling dominance, modern yiling was suppressed very badly.Under normal circumstances, Yan Jue’s use of classical power is enough to resolve the crisis.As can be seen from Yan Jue’s “ink writing brush”, he still retains the classic features of the past. Of course, modern forces are also frequently used, such as “elevator” and “traffic light”, which are not ink and wash paintings.The kernel color of classical art spirit looks like light, have a bit of black and white TV already inspect feeling, but style of this kind of landscape lets a person wander among them however, relaxed and happy.Modern Yiling is the core of flowers, rich colors make people a bright, fresh.Under normal circumstances, Yan Jue will not use the modern Yiling trick – nine tail force, only in the ice princess encounter danger, nine tail force will really show.As the classical Yan Jue occupies a greater advantage, modern Yiling is generally suppressed. Until The dream Princess designs the nightmare to deal with Yan Jue, Yan Jue has not found a way to integrate modernism and classicism.Although the two are indeed integrated, but like water and oil incompatible confrontation, the contradiction is getting deeper and deeper.There is no doubt that modernism is increasingly respected in the new era, with the rise of various painting styles and schools, such as Van Gogh’s Impressionism, Picasso’s Cubism, Marc’s futurism and so on. With the development of The Times, people’s aesthetic has also undergone great changes.The power of modernism is difficult to contain, modern Yiling also naturally rising, gradually tended to dominate, and influence Yan Jue imperceptible.Therefore, Yan Jue body of nine tail force can be called its trick, not in distress, Yan Jue will never easily make out.In the ninth season of the animation, Yan Jue will have a fierce battle with the Fire Lord to protect the ice Princess.Yan Jue is already weak and unable to play at his true level, so he can only fight the Fire Lord with the power of nine Tails.In ice Lotus, the dream princess design nightmare, Yan Jue is also forced out of the body of nine tails, also for the ice Princess.Visible, the ice princess is yan Jue fall in love to protect the object, even if the modern art spirit has been long suppressed, in the ice princess suffering, Yan Jue will not hesitate to release.Of course, modern Yiling should be the same as classical Yiling, like ice princess!What do you think about that?Thank you for your comments.