Zhang Ziyuan: The women’s football team won the gold medal

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Original:Zhang Ziyuan women’s soccer team won the women’s who dares will secure Take out small Vietnam penalty kicks out of Japan Finally make say final against South Korea grim unusual BuSheBuNao dirty war Even the odds a new starting point of the Chinese women’s team final three ball Not afraid of a long way to go fight journey surrender never put your heart into it The more dangerous the more difficulties just aimlessly forward Unity reversal day steel roses yao AsiaCondensing heart gather force pick hanging crown this publication exclusive original plagiarism will investigate author Zhang Ziyuan Hubei Jingshan people.Successively served in the 20th Army Division of Lanzhou Military Region, Ningxia Armed Police Corps and Hainan Armed Police Corps.After graduation, he worked in public security.He has published many works of news, prose, poetry and reportage in newspapers and periodicals both inside and outside the military.He has published non-fiction literature “Olive Green in Action”, “Special Zone guards Freehand Brushwork” and other works.Editor: Xu Jianming