Zhu Qinhu, director of Jiangsu Market Supervision Bureau, visited Nanjing Novizan Medical Technology Co., LTD for investigation

2022-05-12 0 By

China quality network on the morning of March 14, market supervision of jiangsu province bureau of Zhu Qin tiger led to nanjing’s only great medical technology co., LTD., research, and a dispatch meetings, study new crown antigen detection reagent already confirmed for the measures, stressed that enterprises should from politics, the height of the overall situation, bear responsibility, to serves the epidemic prevention and control.Provincial drug regulatory Bureau director Tian Feng, Nanjing Market regulatory Bureau second-level inspector Jiang Yongzhao to participate in the investigation and scheduling meeting.The novel coronavirus antigen detection reagent developed by Nanjing Novizan Medical Technology Co., Ltd. has been approved by the State Food and Drug Administration for marketing.Zhu qinhu listened to Novizan’s report on the production of antigen testing reagents, watched a demonstration of the use of COVID-19 antigen testing kits on site, learned about the difficulties encountered by the company in the process of production expansion and supply protection, and proposed targeted measures to clear “blocking points”.Zhu qinhu pointed out that antigen screening is an effective means of rapid detection and preliminary diagnosis, which is of great significance to win the battle against the current epidemic.Provincial and municipal market supervision and drug regulatory departments should fully support Novizan to expand production and supply, and provincial drug and drug administration should set up special work classes to support enterprises to expand capacity as much as possible and at the fastest speed.Provincial and municipal market supervision and drug administration departments should establish a “through train” mechanism with enterprises, actively strengthen the connection with Novizan, coordinate to solve the difficulties encountered by enterprises in the process of production expansion and supply protection, do a good job in the whole process of tracking services, and effectively guarantee the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control in the province.Leaders of jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Market Supervision, Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Food and Drug Administration and Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision attended the survey and scheduling meeting.(Contributed by Jiangsu Market Supervision Bureau)