Is the class leader a student or a teacher?

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Is the class leader a student or a teacher?1, the class director is the teacher.Students’ management of school matters is not thorough, teachers can according to the content published by the school to the corresponding understanding, and then the management of students’ matters, teachers’ management of the class will be more effective, students’ management of the class will not be so concerned.2, the work content of the class director is relatively extensive, student life and student classroom things will be managed by the class director.The work of the class director is similar to that of the head teacher. However, for some details, the class director will understand and deal with them carefully. The existence of the class director is essential.3. Most of the class directors in universities are postgraduates. In their spare time, class directors will manage the work content.Every university has a variety of graduate students. Graduate students have a lot of free time. Some of them want to accumulate their own work experience and apply for the teaching area to manage the corresponding work.There will be a teacher in every position of managing students in the school. The teacher will manage students carefully according to the arrangement of the school. There will also be some students to manage students on behalf of the teacher, but this is only temporary.The management of the students will not be too strict, just some things to deal with and discourse of Jiangsu, the class will understand and deal with.