“The killer is not too calm” burst output machine, Wei Xiang detonated the topic, acting success

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During the Spring Festival, apart from watching the Spring Festival Gala with their families, one of the most popular entertainment activities is to go to the cinema and watch a hilarious comedy. In 2022, there will be only one comedy, The Killer Is Not Too Calm, co-starring Ma Li and Wei Xiang.Are maxed out almost every day my circle of friends can see associated with various discussions, won the praise of the numerous net friend, a word of mouth votes double harvest, no matter what you want to see, this is the killer is not very cool, in the heart of a lot of fans, wei zifeng is real yyds, whether to give him a what kind of role, can be his interpretation is very full,And personal style to a certain level, wei zifeng is really ones this time, his first coming a big male master film works, at first, many people are worried about the overall quality of the film, only to find that after the play, this is the real comedy, both the depth, and the punchline poster wrote eight characters’ on the first day, the tiger yum ‘just eight words,Show the unique temperament of the entire film incisively and vividly, at the first glance, it feels particularly funny, which has filled the audience’s expectations. In the trailer of the film, the “Killer Carl” male no. 1 unscripted performance, and other key information, has caused a lot of hot discussions among the masses.Wei zifeng plays his men “wei success” is a plain extras, efforts for a long time, thought I finally wait to turn opportunity and managed to play on the movie male ‘number one killer Carl’ typical play silliness, we see the movie, but wei succeed in the play, but in the identity of the actor but he don’t know,He had fell into Mary’s tying to milan, set a good trap for him, and in this way, wei quirks success to become a real “killer” sincere and deception, frank and hide, two people of different qualities, a stark contrast to the plot in the next, wei success how to get rid of the danger of become the one of the biggest attraction,On the surface it is a typical absurd comedy, but behind laughter is very deep meaning of education, this on wei successfully got incisively and vividly reflected, was a bit player actor, just want to get through their own efforts to get this hard-won opportunity, after he cherish than anyone else, though made quite a few jokes to cay,However, he treasured this opportunity more than anyone else. Although there was no script, he cooperated with Milan to play the play well from the beginning to the end. However, he gradually found that the leading actor in the movie was not as perfect as he imagined, at least he did not get anyone’s recognition.Everyone in fron’t of a fool him ‘instead of’ can win everyone’s attention, if fine figure, wei zifeng character set not feel irony, so full of contradictions the role of feeling, also is wei zifeng can interpret so the male master even into Shen Teng, present may not have the effect of wei zifeng in place, having a unique style of people strongly highlights the performance style of wei zifeng,As is known to all, wei zifeng 05 officially involved in film, explained the countless impressive role, such as “fast life”, “I and my hometown,” “hello Li Huanying” and so on, has a very impressive performance and the “the killer is not very calm” wei zifeng is truly a masterpiece, is now in the heat,The film is expected to become a hot style in 2022, after have read a lot of friends in the first place, said the whole theater was filled with laughter, laughter to your tears on the spot, funny dialogue with high frequency, a word of a terrier while the audience was still immersed in the previous the punchline, the baggage is already approaching, the punchline is quite dense, and no sense of fragmentation,It was also because of this, people also call wei zifeng is’ critical terrier gold other output machine only you wouldn’t think, just did not explain not to come out of him, the adaptation of the lp is Japan’s original “magic moment” on douban score is 8.3 points, but I personally feel or homebred the “the killer is not very calm” more give prize, because of the reasonable localization adaptation,Let the whole story more ground, producing groups properly simplifies the relationship between role, optimized the many underlying conflict, not to heat, deliberately made some topics when men wei success after knowing the truth, than the original inversion are fascinating, it is commonly said that is the charm of writers, respect the original at the same time,Also put their own element into play, apparently reached a certain height, in my opinion, this is a new film works, bear the remake of the movie is not as package, direct copy, in short, the “the killer is not very cool and refreshing and deep, is worth us repeatedly aftertaste, don’t know what you have after see a different point of view?Remember to pay attention, like, forward, one key three!