When zhu Zhiwen went to the market to buy roast chicken for guests, his female fans tried to pay and were stopped

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During the Spring Festival, brother Overcoat appeared in the rural market and bought two roast chickens at one go. He originally prepared for his own tooth sacrifice, but he did not expect to prepare for the guests.This year’s Spring Festival, the coat brother family is not idle, since the Spring Festival that day, has attracted a large number of tourists and fans, Zhu Lou village on the streets of the sea of people, all want to catch a glimpse of the grassroots star elegant demeanour.From the pictures of the netizens, the coat still dressed as always in the Spring Festival, which is when he was in the market to buy, it is hard to imagine ygdd this worth millions of people, even in the market to buy a new dress so, than the stars in the entertainment circle, absolutely too have affinity.The Spring Festival market, although not as busy as before, but coat brother, many fans to recognize the moment he arrived, especially the woman wearing a long white dress, has been following him.Arriving at a chicken stand, he asked the price of the chicken and ordered two more, saying he would have a guest to taste the local taste.She offered to pay for him. “No, I’ll do it myself.””, he took out his mobile phone, if it is a careful person, may notice that this accompanied him for more than ten years of the old mobile phone, now have become a smart phone, scan code payment of what, and coat brother’s operation is also very skilled, the beauty a look to persuade, also gave up the idea of asking him to buy roast chicken.Afterwards, he went out with his fans to buy a lot of cooked food, and paid for it himself.When my cousin from Taiwan came to Zhulou Village, brother Coat first took her around and then invited her to his home. The peony tea with Taiwan characteristics that my cousin brought to him made him very happy, especially when they came all the way to see him. He was very grateful, but he could not accept it.To know, although coat elder brother lives a frugal life, but he does not want to let his fans lose a lot of money for a little benefit, and, with his wealth now, several lifetimes may not be able to use up, let alone a roast chicken, even a market, he can buy it.It was obvious that Zhu Zhiwen was very popular among the peasants. It was hard to find fault with his faults.This is probably the so-called “man is doing, god is watching”.What do netizens think of the character of this man?