3 rebounds wang Zhelin 5 blocks Feng Lai 15 assists Yuan Tangwen best Shanghai team

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Shanghai versus Qingdao. It was a very interesting game. Qingdao, having lost three games in a row, came out on top and almost knocked out the second-ranked fujian.The first half of Qingdao team 60 to 41 ahead of Shanghai team nearly twenty.See such a state of the Shanghai team, may not have their own confidence to reverse the game, the first half Wang Zhelin only got 2 points 3 rebounds, feng Lai only got 7 points, Franklin only got 5 points, this is the performance of the Shanghai team core players.For Qingdao, Wells had 22 points, five rebounds and four assists in the first half, while Johnson had eight points and six rebounds.Two big foreign aid than the Shanghai team three core scores more than twice.But the reversal did happen.This is also verified coach Du Feng’s famous saying – 20 counts a fart!With the third quarter of the Shanghai team scored a 40-24 surge, as well as the lead at the end of the quarter, the 19-point deficit directly erased.In the end, Shanghai team beat their opponents 110 to 107.Three boards of Wang Zhelin this game has a lot of interesting points, the first is only get three boards of Wang Zhelin.Wang, who has averaged 17.5 points and 8.5 rebounds this season, had 25 points, three rebounds and three blocks in 31 minutes.He has averaged double figures in rebounds for five seasons.This season, the numbers are down because of a drop in minutes.Wang’s three rebounds are the fewest he has played in more than 30 minutes this season.He had just four rebounds in 31 minutes against North Carolina.Johnson, who finished with 18 points and 12 rebounds in 21 minutes, was clearly outmatched.Another explanation is that the Shanghai twin towers played a long time, franklin was out of shape and only played 11 minutes, while big foreign aid Vonlay played 36 minutes, playing alongside Wang Zhelin, who is bound to move to the perimeter, which correspondingly reduces the “income” of rebounding.Although Wang zhelin’s rebound suffered Waterloo, but his plus-minus is the team’s highest +10.The core of Shanghai’s turnaround is Vonleh, who finished with 24 points, 17 rebounds, 4 assists and 5 blocks in 36 minutes.Plus-minus +8 played a big role in the third-quarter turnaround.His five blocks set a personal record, and his 17 rebounds also set a personal record. Vonlay killed two birds in one game.His previous record was 3 blocks and 15 rebounds against Guangzhou.Another 36 minutes, a personal record, proved his worth.This match was perhaps vonlay’s high point before Fredette arrived.Yuan contributed 8 points, 4 rebounds, 15 assists and 2 steals, helping his teammates to supply ammunition. His direct score is more than 38 points, meaning that every minute of playing time can help the team score one point.Yuan has only three assists in double figures this season, one against fujian 10 assists and one against North Fujian 11 assists, and this time it’s up another notch.Give me a ball. At Sichuan last season, Yuan scored 13 assists in his most assisting game against Shanghai.Set personal CBA assists record in World War I.When it comes to Yuan, it’s 30-year-old Wang Hong, Qingdao’s opponent.He finished with seven points, 13 assists and three steals, setting a personal assist record and scoring in double figures for the first time in his career.Perhaps the opponent of the strong forced out of the strong Yuan Tangwen.In these three people’s drive, Shanghai team just got a big reversal.In the second half, Wang Zhelin (23 points) and Feng Lai (17 points) inspired the best Shanghai team in the second half.Of course, Ren Junwei, Liu Zheng, Guo Haowen, Luo Hanchen and others also played very well.