Fuzhou added 21 provincial intangible cultural heritage projects

2022-05-14 0 By

The provincial government recently announced the seventh batch of provincial intangible cultural heritage representative projects, 21 fuzhou successfully selected.Up to now, Fuzhou has 94 representative intangible cultural heritage projects at provincial level and above.Fuzhou was selected for 21 intangible cultural Heritage projects, including 19 new projects:Fuqing word play, open wire post the gaps and shoulder, whooping crane boxing, fuzhou tall rice noodle, fuzhou ornamental goldfish breeding techniques, righteousness bluish white porcelain kiln traditional craftsmanship, mountain vine weaving production techniques, classical furniture production techniques, fuzhou fuzhou meat yan production techniques (by sea), chicken soup for a sea clams production techniques, fuzhou ancient steamed fish yan production techniques, lienchiang poon pachyrhizus burning brewing process, under the one hundred flood the home of teaBlack tea making techniques, Chinese herbal medicine external treatment (Shang Gan Lin), Zhou’s throat external treatment, she medicine hammer plate flapping therapy, Fuzhou Ao Nine festival custom, Hua Dynasty festival traditional customs, Luoyuan water Temple fair (fire);Two projects from the first batch to the sixth batch: Fuzhou corner comb making technology (Drum tower, Minhou), Fuzhou wood carving (Minhou).The provincial intangible cultural heritage projects selected this time cover traditional drama, traditional sports, recreational arts and acrobatics, traditional art, traditional skills, traditional medicine, folk customs and other categories, which are closely related to people’s lives.For example, the shoulder top play originated from Qianfeng Village in Langqi, developed from the ancient folk make-up pavilion for welcoming gods competition at the end of the Qing Dynasty.The shoulder-top play takes 8 young men as the stage pillar, and 8 children are shoulder-top. Children are responsible for singing and hand and head movements, while adults are responsible for stage change and foot movements.The main steps are street step, playboy step, flower and shell step, up and down two people with tacit understanding.The background music of shoulder top play is also very distinctive, generally played by seven or eight people, orchestral and percussion music or in unison or wheel set, strong sense of rhythm.The singing crane boxing selected this time is one of the traditional southern boxing. It looks like a bird with feathers in its beak, and it makes good use of its palm. It often makes sound to help with its sound, so it is called “singing crane”.Whooping Crane boxing training can strengthen the body, popular among citizens.”A bite of Fuzhou” is not absent, such as the meat swallow that Fuzhou people must eat on festivals.The production technique of Fuzhou meat swallow selected this time (Yihai) has been passed down from generation to generation with a long history. The combination of traditional technology and modern science and technology is rich in nutrition and tastes crisp and tender, which has won various honorary titles.The person in charge of fuzhou Intangible cultural Heritage Protection Center said that in the next stage, Fuzhou will continue to consolidate the protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage, further improve the protection system of intangible cultural heritage, and enhance the soft power of Fuzhou city culture.Article source: Fuzhou News network quality content recommended the latest release!Related to fuzhou New Area talent affordable housing housing only consider the first payment?Break offer serious likelihood will go up court auction!Focus on “four new”!Lianjiang Kengyuan town force billion output value of the harbour city