How long does it take for a Malaysian student to apply for a visa?What should I pay attention to?

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Malaysia is a relatively open country, so in the examination of entry qualifications, open different channels, study visa application can be carried out online.The following is a compilation of relevant content for you, come and have a look!This process is only suitable for new students to apply for e-visa!After successfully getting the offer in Malaysia, I need to apply for a study visa. Then how long does it take to apply for a study visa in Malaysia?What do you have to pay attention to?1. The student visa must be approved by the Malaysian Immigration Department. Besides the basic information, the certification materials of the school and the physical examination materials are also required for the examination.2. It will take about 7 days to review the offer of the school.3. Review the basic materials in about 7 days, and the progress of the visa is 15%.4. Review physical examination materials, notarized transcripts and diplomas of domestic colleges and universities, photos, etc., with 30% progress and 14-30 days.5. Materials into the immigration office, for qualification audit, at this time the progress is between 60~75%, the time is 14~30 days.6. Verify the information, return the signature, and issue the return signature letter. The progress is 80-90%, and the time is about 14 days.7. Return to the Chinese Embassy and start the sticker phase.Note that the above time and materials submission time are also closely related to the application time, so the visa period for Malaysia is 1~3 months.14 days after submitting the visa materials, you can check the progress of the visa. When the progress is 80%, the visa has been approved. At this time, you need to download the counter-signature letter and submit it to the Immigration Office together with the passport, and you can get the visa in 3~5 days.1. Visa processing time is 3 working days, try to avoid Malaysian holidays (the embassy will be closed according to Malaysian holidays).2. Personal visa must be delivered and collected in person.3. When booking air tickets, students should inform the school of the specific date, flight number and arrival time 7 days in advance. The Malaysian Immigration Bureau requires students to be picked up by the school before leaving the airport.4. Temporary visitors are required to bring at least RM500 in cash, which is usually exchanged at the airport first.5. Student renewal in Malaysia requires one month in advance and costs about $25.6. Foreigners are not allowed to carry more than RM5,000 out of the country.7. When signing face-to-face, students should ensure that all documents are ready and fully familiar with the contents of the documents for the visa officer to review.8. Be confident, smile, and be polite and generous. Applicants can prove that they are real students whose families can afford to study by answering the questions of the visa officer.9. The visa in Malaysia is different from other countries in that it is reverse visa. After receiving the offer from the school, students will send a letter of approval after the approval of the Immigration Bureau.10. When the applicant arrives in Malaysia, the school will collect the student’s passport and apply to the immigration Office for a long-term visa of the corresponding duration. The student can explain to the school whether it is a single round trip or multiple round trips.Visa validity period: 3 months ③ Single entry ④ Maximum stay time: 30 days ⑤ No restrictions on port of entryThe e-visa is valid for 3 months. The e-visa can only be applied in groups of 2 or more people and must fly directly through 6 airports.It is not possible to enter Malaysia by land.The six airports are: Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Penang International Airport, Johor Snai International Airport, Kettaranga International Airport, Sabago Ta Kina International Airport, Sarawak Kuching International Airport Step 1 Students need to log on to the application page. enter your passport as well as international, remember to select “Student Visa” Visa type.After selecting, you can click “Track My Application” below.After clicking, students can go to the page below.Students can download two of the files.Or ask the instructor.After the students need to enter a url: the website page of the Malaysian electronic visa application.Students can register for a new account by clicking on “Im New” on the left or by clicking on Returning User(existing User login or new User registration).Click Apply Now on the lower right and a pop-up window will pop up asking you to select a visa type. Click Proceed and a new page will pop up.Here, we are applying for a Student visa, so choose Student.Click Proceed to Proceed to Proceed to the Application. Students are required to enter their eVAL code and passport number in the Application.And then click on the bottom right hand corner Retrieve Data ready to upload material.In uploading materials, fill in the two files you downloaded before and upload them according to the requirements of the website after making sure they are correct.After the above materials are submitted, students need to fill out a more detailed document.Students can fill in their information carefully according to the requirements of the website.Once you’ve filled out the above information, make sure your passport number matches the one shown at the bottom of the screen and check the box below, then click on the ‘Confirm&Continue’ button at the bottom right corner to continue.Photos uploaded here must be white background photos!After you upload your photo, adjust it on your web page.Make sure the upload format and details are in accordance with EMGS requirements for photos.Once all is correct, students can click OK to proceed to the next step.Before submitting your photo, your personal information and visa application information will be displayed on the page.Students need to double-check their information.Once this is done, students need to choose the method of payment.You can choose wechat Pay or use your VISA card for payment.After confirming that the above information is true and accurate, check the box below to agree that the information you submitted is correct.The total application fee is RM137.30(RM210).You will receive an email when all payments have been successfully completed.If you do not receive any email after completing all payments, please wait approximately 20 minutes for the system to update your application status.Once all payments have been made, students can return to the home page where they can see the progress bar and wait patiently.For more information about Century University Malaysia, study abroad in Malaysia, please consult TOMMY team of Century University International Department (Myedu0060).