“Solar energy” was once a necessary product for every household, but now it is not popular, why?

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There are a variety of resources on the earth, but for people, these resources will always be exhausted one day, with the rapid development of human society, environmental protection issues make people pay more attention to.In view of the energy problem, a variety of industries have been derived, and people have invented many new products, whether it is new energy vehicles, or wind turbines, etc., in order to better use resources.Besides, the energy of the sun is also worth using for people, which is very environmentally friendly.Solar energy is a renewable energy source. In the process of people’s development, many products are developed for solar energy, such as solar water heater.Adequate use of solar energy and other renewable energy, can effectively save the earth’s resources, such as coal resources.Hot water is often used in People’s Daily life, especially in winter, whether it is bathing, washing vegetables, washing dishes, they will use hot water.In the past, people would put hot water in a hot pot to keep heat for use, but as people’s life becomes more and more convenient, more people have hot water, water heater is particularly important at this time.At the beginning of the sale of solar water heater, attracted many people to buy, especially in rural areas, at any time and anywhere can be seen on the roof of people’s solar water heater heating plate, because it is very convenient to use, as long as there is sunshine can have hot water use, temporarily sought after by people.Especially in the sunny summer, solar water heaters can provide people with enough hot water every day for free.Because it needs to absorb sunlight, solar energy is generally placed on the roof, which has little impact on people’s limited house space, which is also one of the advantages of this product.However, as the increase of use time, no matter what brand of solar water heater sales are presented a tragic picture, people have replaced the water heater in the home with electric water heater or gas water heater.Ever red extremely for a time solar water heater, why can encounter such situation?A lot of it has to do with how solar energy works, although when the sun shines, he provides hot water for free.But if the sun is not enough or rainy, the solar water heater will not work properly.Although some solar water heaters have the function of electric heating, but the speed is very slow, and there is no comparison with professional electric water heaters.According to the analysis of the geographical position in most regions of our country areas closer to the equator, the usage of solar energy to be slightly better, but closer to the region to the north, entered the winter, are almost always rain and snow weather, solar water heaters will completely lose their ability to use at this time, even in summer can barely use, its price is not high, the mainest is inconvenient.And the solar water heater will also face maintenance problems, because the heating plate of the solar water heater is generally placed outdoors, under the erosion of wind and rain, its exterior is prone to problems.Water quality varies from place to place, and not every place is suitable for solar water heaters.If the metal content in the water is high and the water quality is hard, there will be a lot of scale in the heating pipe after long-term use, which will not only affect the follow-up heating problem, but also reduce the amount of water that can be heated at once.In general, there is a certain distance between the heating pipe of solar energy and the position of use. Before use, the cold water in the pipe needs to be released in large quantities, which inevitably causes the waste of water resources.From this point of view, although the solar water heater has the advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection, but its disadvantages are also many.The water in the solar heating tube may also be heated repeatedly. If it is not used for a long time, the water may also breed bacteria, which is not good for people’s health.And the reason that causes the sale volume of solar energy water heater to drop sharply, in removing its use process, the experience feeling that brings to people is not tall outside, still concern with its after-sale service.In the solar water heater by vigorously sought after period, there were many solar water heater brands, however, not every brand is regular manufacturer production.A few consumer graph cheap bought water heater of miscellaneous brand, its after-sale service is to do not have safeguard.Even regular solar water heaters, once there is a problem, it is very troublesome to repair, because when installed, it will be fixed on the roof, if you need to repair, you can only let technicians climb on the roof, which is very dangerous.In general, the parts needed to repair these solar water heaters are hard to come by.And along with the development of new products, electric water heater and gas water heater gradually replaced the solar water heater, people more favor in good sense of use, no longer entangled in the solar water heater surface saving economic benefits.