The truck driver is responsible for the accident caused by a random lane change at the toll station

2022-05-14 0 By

Image network news (Elephant news reporter Yang Enhancement correspondent Wang Xiugen) under normal circumstances, highway toll stations are set up artificial lanes and ETC lanes.After entering the toll plaza, vehicles with ETC installed should drive on the left, while those without ETC should drive on the right.At 5:40 on January 29, ningluo high-speed luohe west toll station station square under a light van and a taxi scraping collision, two drivers accused each other of road robbing, stalemate.Read the vehicle traveling data recorder police later found light van driver ryu ramp into the square from the left, for vehicles without installation ETC, take the right side of the artificial charge channel, in the process of change lanes, collisions with normal driving cab scratches, police finally decided that ryu should bear the responsibility of the accident, and make the corresponding punishment.High-speed traffic police remind: in and out of the expressway toll station area should be in accordance with the operating standards of safe driving, civilized driving, mutual modesty, slow down, orderly passage, do not randomly change lanes, u-turn and distracted driving, so as to avoid accidents.