Wang Can’s naked makeup has caused a hot debate. Her no-makeup state is very real, and her private dress is simple and controversial

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For stars, makeup is the most important part of their work, any star will dress up nicely when performing on stage, giving people a bright visual sense.Looking at the whole entertainment industry, almost no artist can make up naked in the mirror, even if they have a good foundation, they can not withstand the interference of external factors, so that the appearance level will be “overturned”.But in private, there are still a lot of stars who interact with their fans in a makeup-free way. For them, such a state is the most comfortable, the most real feeling, and it will be very tired to keep makeup all the time after work.On Feb 12, Wang Can, du Chun’s wife, suddenly shared a video of naked makeup on her social media account to interact with her fans, sparking heated discussion among netizens.It can be seen from the recent photos that Wang Can is still very beautiful under the condition of no makeup, and the skin condition is also very good, the face is smooth and tight, without the existence of a wrinkle.Even the pouch part is also very full, no dark circles, eyes especially god, visible Wang Can’s own base is very good, can withstand the test of no yan out of the mirror.However, it is worth mentioning that wang Can, who has been used to the state of refinement, suddenly came out without make-up, which is a little unexpected. After all, the gap between the two is quite large, especially the smoothness of the face contour and the flatness of the cheeks on both sides.The polished wang can is more beautiful and older, while the naked wang Can is more real and slightly older.But this does not hurt, after all, Wang Can is only a star wife, not to show business, so even without makeup, will not cause too big impact on the future work.This wang can share a lot of beauty makeup “secret” for the net friend, and will personally experience the high quality cosmetics recommended to everyone, after seeing wang Can use the effect, the net friend is also very convinced that she recommended the product.However, there are still some more critical netizens, not only for Wang can’s appearance level to make fun of, but also for her private dress taste raised questions, think too simple and down-to-earth.It’s not a talent show. I don’t believe that people in the comments section are always dressed like the posters.Most of the videos are recorded at home, so I’m sure you can wear whatever feels comfortable. I think “trolls” are psychological imbalance…It can be seen that fans are still very concerned about Wang Can. In the face of doubts, they will come up with the truth to fight back, rather than sit idly by.Wang can and Du Chun have been married for more than a year, but their relationship is still like their first love. They often share moments of love on social media and sprinkle dog food on Internet users, making people envy each other.And since Wang Can gave birth to a daughter, her life is more carefree, every day is eating, drinking, playing, not yiyi.And Du Chun is also very fond of his wife, a spare time, will take his wife to travel around, taste local food.In the eyes of outsiders, Wang Can is du Chun alone pet “little princess”.Depend on du Chun’s popularity, Wang Can also hand in a lot of good sisters inside the circle, wait like ying er, Guo Biting.Their friendship was very deep, and they were all mothers, and they had a lot in common to talk about.But Wang can is not idle. After her daughter grew up, she took advantage of short video platforms to bring goods, sharing videos almost every day to net friends, and selling her used security products to everyone.Recently, Wang Can suddenly fell ill in the middle of the night in hospital, vomiting and diarrhea frightened her husband Du Chun, after seeing wang Can’s condition, Du Chun immediately put down his chopsticks to take Wang Can to the emergency room, which makes her very warm heart.In addition, according to the photos wang shared, Du Chun has been busy after entering the emergency room, which makes Wang Can feel very happy.Du Chun is sincere to Wang Can, Wang Can also feel, bless two people can keep going forever, with time to prove that they are in the entertainment circle “model husband and wife”.