A mistake made by the director and writer of The Beginning, which was misinterpreted as an innuendo, is to blame

2022-05-15 0 By

“Start” the series finale already, at the end of the story, or very satisfactory, there was not a dead, Wang Xingde couple also has successfully solved the heart, on the bus molesting meng-meng wang also received a just punishment, overall is a good ending, as a new drama theme, but there will always be people poking fun at the point.Of course, I believe that this is the screenwriter and director of the pot, after all, how actors play, that is said by the director, what content, that is the screenwriter has the final say.For example, in the TV series, the policewoman who answered the police call was ridiculed very badly. The heroine clearly said it was a bomb and the situation was urgent, but the police officer was already so wordy and asking questions that it was hard not to laugh.In addition, it was the attitude of Jiang Feng police officer at the very beginning. She questioned the hero and heroine very badly without evidence and was suspected of inducing confession, which really made people feel difficult to accept. Is it difficult for the police to do things like this?Finally is the bus monitor did five years ago, according to the TV content, the original 45 people on the bus is not much, even meng-meng wang schoolmate in the back can be photographed meng-meng wang was obscene clear photos, so why not in accordance with the original police Wang Xingde couple demands strict check it again, it is a pit.Those who don’t know think it’s an innuendo. What do you think of that?