He gave up tens of thousands of military monthly salary to my party, and finally became a marshal, his old age mentioned great old tears

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Ye Jianying was born in Meixian county, Guangdong Province. In 1917, Ye Jianying entered Xianwu Hall to continue his studies.Soon after graduation, he took sun Yat-sen’s side.In 1921, Sun Yat-sen went to Guangxi for inspection, and Ye Jianying was chosen to accompany him.Soon after, Mr. Yip was promoted to battalion commander of the Marines.Chiang Kai-shek launched a coup d ‘etat, ye Jianying’s unit is Chiang kai-shek’s direct line.Therefore, Ye Jianying is highly regarded.Even so, Ye jianying still gave up high office and wealth, went to Wuhan, joined the Communist Party.After the founding of New China, Ye Jianying was awarded the title of marshal.Ye Jianying was born to an ordinary merchant family in a rural area of Guangdong Province in 1897.Although the Ye family was a merchant, they had many good qualities.Although the family is poor, but ye Jianying just over seven years old began to study in a private school.In 1917, Ye Jianying was admitted to Yunnan Xuewu Hall to study.Because his father was born, Ye Jianying is also a hot-blooded boy.At that time, there were many Japanese instructors on campus, who were very arrogant.Ye Jianying can not see the past, a strength quietly rising.Ye Jianying practiced swordsmanship hard, hoping to one day be able to beat the instructor.Finally, Ye Jianying with superb swordsmanship, defeated the most severe instructor.After graduation, Ye devoted himself to the democratic revolution and continued to follow Sun Yat-sen.Chen Jiongming, then commander of the Guangdong Army, wanted to introduce autonomy in Guangdong while Sun Yat-sen was away.After Ye Jianying knew, immediately wrote a letter to Sun Yat-sen.Soon after, Chen Jiongming defected to Sun Yat-sen and prepared to attack the presidential palace.When Ye Jianying heard this, he immediately escorted Sun Yat-sen from the presidential palace.In order to ensure the safety of Sun Yat-sen, Ye Jianying day and night patrol.Because of this, Chen jieming’s plan did not succeed, Ye Jianying also became a hero.Chiang Kai-shek led the troops in Nanchang, just then, he heard the officers and men mention Ye Jianying, all very admire.Because of this, Chiang Kai-shek held Ye Jianying in greater esteem.Because Ye Jianying once followed Sun Yat-sen, and deeply trusted.Chiang Kai-shek more want to draw Ye Jianying, his effectiveness.At this time, Ye Jianying took a fork in the road.Should he continue to serve Chiang Kai-shek and enjoy high office and wealth?Or oppose Chiang Kai-shek and take the revolutionary road?After careful consideration, Ye Jianying resolutely gave up high office and wealth and resolutely chose the road of revolution.At that time, Chiang Kai-shek tried to woo Ye Jianying.The whole division is not only well-paid, but also has a large monthly balance.If he took the anti-Chiang path, Ye Jianying would not only lose a penny, but also risk being killed.Later, Ye jianying drafted anti-Chiang messages anyway.At that time, the leadership of the Kuomintang fourth Army is very optimistic about Ye Jianying, Ye Jianying will seek a position in the fourth army.At that time, there were many communists in the Fourth Army, and Ye Jianying saw selfless noble qualities from them.At this time, Ye Jianying found that the Communist Party is sincere for the welfare of the people.Ye Jianying decided to join the Communist Party, which was initially rejected because of his Kuomintang status.Later, Mr. Ye applied again.The application was submitted to Premier Zhou, who approved Ye’s application for party membership.He has been hiding in the enemy camp for the sake of secrecy.In 1949, after the three major battles, the Kuomintang was all but wiped out.Chiang now faced a life-or-death choice, having agreed to Zhang’s proposal to go south to Taiwan.On January 5, 1949, the great man drafted “Appraise war criminals and Sue”.At this point, Chiang Kai-shek riding the tiger, there is no retreat at all.On January 20, Chiang announced his resignation.After that, all Chiang kai-shek’s actions were in preparation for his retreat to Taiwan.For example, large quantities of gold, machinery and equipment were shipped to Taiwan.With the successive liberation of cities such as Chungking and Guangzhou, Chiang could no longer sit still.He and his son took off in a special plane from Chengdu airport and headed south.Baiyun airport got the news, immediately reported to the guangdong military commander and political commissar Ye Jianying.Hong mentioned two methods, one using aircraft to intercept, the other using fighter jets to shoot down.Ye Jianying pondered, that the action is serious, hong Xuezhi immediately ask the central.They waited, however, for no reply from the central government. All they could do was watch Chiang’s plane fly away.Soon after the founding of New China, Ye Jianying was awarded the rank of marshal.Ye Jianying was in her prime when she was awarded the title.Then came three difficult years.At that time, Ye Jianying’s son, Ye Xiangzhen, happened to be in college.As a result of malnutrition for a long time, Ye Xiangzhen suffered from edema.Later, Ye Xiangzhen returned home.Happened to see the home cooked food, hurriedly on the table wolfing up.After the storm, Ye Xiangzhen found that his father did not eat a mouthful.When he asked his father why he didn’t move his chopsticks, Ye jianying’s eyes welled up.Originally, Ye Jianying remembered the words of the great man.At that time, the whole country was in a difficult period. The great man told the cook, “All the people in the whole country did not have enough to eat, let alone meat, so I would not eat either.”Ye Jianying saw her daughter eat, think of the great man’s words.Ye Jianying had always been very respectful to great men. In March 1963, Ye Jianying visited Shaoshan.After that, he became poetic and wrote a poem.It is said that the great man not only admires Chen Yi’s poetry, but also admires Ye Jianying’s.He also copied ye Jianying’s poems and sent them to his son and daughter-in-law.After the Lushan conference, Ye Jianying was soon reappointed.After 1971, Ye Jianying was appointed by the great man to lead the army.In September 1976, the great man was gravely ill.Ye Jianying with a heavy heart, to the sickbed and the chairman farewell.It was at this time that the great man left Ye Jianying a silent “will”.By virtue of this will, Ye Jianying uncovered the reactionary forces during the transition of power.A year after the great man’s death, ye Jianying, 80, attended a ceremony to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the People’s Liberation Army.Jianying Ye made a speech at the conference. When she mentioned the great man, her voice choked up and tears could not stop flowing down her cheeks.The representatives attending the meeting, saw this scene, all moved.In her later years, Ye Jianying would shed tears every time she mentioned the glorious achievements of great men.In Ye jianying’s opinion, great men are like the sun.Without great men, the Chinese people may linger in the dark for a long time.Looking back at his revolutionary past, Mr. Ye felt he had not done enough.”Without great people, my life would be mediocre.Maybe I’ll go into business with my family or become a teacher.”In her later years, Ye Jianying would be moved at the mention of great men.Especially think of the Long March period, great men encountered enemy attack, fortunately Ye Jianying arrived in time.The great man once mentioned his experience in the Long March to everyone, “Thanks to Chief of Staff Ye, otherwise we would all be shot!”It was at this time that Ye Jianying and the great man established a deep revolutionary friendship.04 Summary: Ye Jianying since joining the Communist Party, actively collect information from all sides, for our army and great men give advice.With the passage of time, Ye Jianying also from the great man ultra high war command, realized his greatness.Ye Jianying has admitted many times that “there are many contents in the great man’s mind, and many of his revolutionary experience and know-how have not been fully taken out”. Ye Jianying respected and trusted the great man all his life, and the revolutionary friendship between them has been retained in Ye Jianying’s memory.