Nezha new skin announced online, the second epic only 710 points, how cost-effective?

2022-05-15 0 By

Hello everyone, I’m Dabao Bei.Nezha has finally received a new skin in the New Year — let’s take a look at the special effects and details below.”Snow and ice cannot freeze a burning heart!”In this chilly and snow-covered February, Nezha is a teenager skiing. Wearing a fluorescent snowflake ribbon and riding on ice blue double boards, nezha sprints forward with snow spirit Semi in front of him under the beautiful sky shining with auroras.It will be available for pre-sale on January 31 and officially available on February 4. The discount price will be 710 points for the first week only, and the original price will be 888 points later.When the camera pulls in, Nezha’s figure darts out, followed by two cute little elves, Semi, who are recording the scene with their camera.Suddenly, Ne Zha slid down a steep slope. He crouched gently and then jumped high, performing a difficult movement in the air. The phrase “Miracle Jump” was created in the sky.Nezha then spins and lands on the ground, turning the translucent ribbons of snowflakes surrounding her body into tiny ice crystals and eventually into icy blue wind wheels beneath the pedals.PS: Dabaobei found that the recent epic skin animation is very powerful!After nezha swings his ski pole, two ice-blue shapes appear, followed by a round, gradually discolored cyclone of snow and fog, which quickly turns into cold and disappears.PS: The other two figures are the same as Nezha, which can quickly remind people of his original setting of “three heads and six arms”.Highlight screenshots: Detailed effects of snowflake particles falling, and goggle shaped skill markers.As Ne Zha jumps, the ice blue ribbon draws two beautiful arcs in the air.When Nezha falls to the ground, a spherical ice crystal shield will form around his body.PS: You are not wrong, this ribbon is The magic weapon of Nezha — mixed sky damask!The ice crystal shattering skill sounds more ethereal, and the movement is designed to match Nezha’s skier character, demonstrating his superb skiing skills.Ne Zha spins his body on a piece of ice and snow while the familiar words “Miracle Jump” appear on his head.Smiling, the elf Semi hovers over his enemy’s head to give Ne Zha directions.Nzha leaps into the air, and the short skis under his feet change into long ones, paddling to the front at a high speed.The moment it hits an enemy, it creates a large cloud of snow vapor, which turns into a geometric ice crystal array.PS: The final mark of the enemy’s head will now look like an end flag.Highlights screenshot: Ne Zha in the process of sliding perfectly restore the action of real skiing, when playing will surely bring players another kind of fun.① In terms of color, the color is uniform but not monotonous. Ice blue gives people a kind of dreamy and pure beauty and excellent visual sense.② In setting, it not only fits nezha’s character characteristics, but also expresses the positive spiritual core of skiers to break through themselves and challenge their limits.PS: also introduced the elf setting, holding the camera smiling snow treasure, simply not too cute ~ 3 special effects, rich in details, creative and novel, in the winter of the scene, there is an immersive feeling.And, for an epic skin, everything is amazing.Dabao bei is here to share a few voice lines for everyone to appreciate.”Refresh the record, refresh yourself ~” “limit, always one step slower than me ~” “believe in miracles, is the first step to create miracles!””After the peak, still the peak!”