Shanghai multi-storey residential lift to speed up again in the New Year

2022-05-15 0 By

At the beginning of the New Year, the lu old man who lives in qibao town xiu Feng Cuigu village, finally round the elevator dream of the door.The village where Lu old man is located is multi-storey residential.There are 58 gates in the residential area, and 15 are expected to be added. At present, many gates are under construction.This year, Minhang District will strive to complete the goal of “600 units started and 400 units completed.”At the same time, in order to solve the residents’ “worries”, Minhang also improved the relevant system, to ensure that each elevator has a “follow-up butler”.In Huangpu district, six buildings in the Mengxi neighborhood got new elevators this week.In huangpu, where the land is expensive, most of the old residential areas like Mengxi have encountered the problem of lack of space during the process of addition.For example, in liyuan Road 883 and 885, when the main structure was completed and the barrier-free ramp was laid, the construction side found that there was only the width of two cars parallel between the two gates and the green space, but one row had been used as temporary parking, and the other side was used as vehicle passage.If the barrier – free access is laid as originally designed, it will obstruct the passage of vehicles.Trying to breakthrough and innovation, to make more gate can be equipped with elevator, huangpu district to adopt the “one village one solution, the first floor of building a strategy”, at the same time set up led by district housing authority coordination platform, to ensure that add ladder more than 100 units this year, and strive to during the period of “difference”, is equipped in the gate, realizing a complete coverage of add ladder;Let those more difficult to add ladder, even not suitable for the elevator door can also be installed on the elevator.This year, Shanghai plans to complete the existing multi-storey residential buildings to install more than 2000 elevators, at the same time, increase the exploration and innovation efforts, to solve the difficulty of the ladder blocking point, the hearts of the project into intimate engineering.(Look at Knews reporter: Qiu Xuli Pan Yao Yao intern editor: Shen Qiu)