The controversial scenic spot in Hunan province was over-advertised to attract tourists, who complained that no one went

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Controversial this scenic spot in hunan province, to attract tourists too much publicity, led to visitors no one go with rich tourism resources in our country, mountains and rivers xiushui, distinctive scenic spot also countless, it also proves that the people in the travel, most would choose the distinctive place, can enjoy the beautiful scenery, also can feel a lot of novelty.Because tourists have such a psychology, many scenic operators seize this psychology, they began to make publicity, to attract tourists to a variety of gimmicks.Especially now the information is developed, the prevalence of short videos, people will watch short videos, find some popular scenic spots.Internet celebrity scenic spots do have their own characteristics. For example, most scenic spots in Xi ‘an and Chengdu are known to the public through short videos, and these scenic spots are indeed worth visiting.But there are also some scenic spots that are over-advertised to get tourists to go, and then they don’t want to go again.Hunan has such a scenic spot, the characteristics of the scenic spot and propaganda is extremely inconsistent, here is the drop water scenic spot.The scenic spot has been vigorously promoted on the Internet, highlighting the beautiful sky. Many people think it is a very romantic and mysterious place, not only with hot air balloons, but also all kinds of beautiful women.More importantly, the scenic spot spends a huge amount of money to build, so big to create a scenic spot, many tourists think that the scenic spot is very worth going to.In fact, when you actually visit the scenic area, you will be surprised. The scenery in the scenic area is not so beautiful, although there are mountains and lush trees, but there is nothing new.The only attraction is a few glass panels, but these glass panels look very old and there are no special spots in the scenic area.Such a featureless scenic spot, so that visitors are very disappointed.As a matter of fact, the publicity of hunan scenic spot is not only inconsistent with the facts, and many tourists have complained to relevant departments. The scenic spot has become more and more concerned about this problem, and has apologized to tourists through relevant channels. In order to make up for the bad experience of tourists, it will also set up free ticket giving activities.In fact, whether free ticket is not important, the important thing is that the staff in the scenic spot should be more perfect to the best face, to meet the tourists to play, so that tourists worthwhile trip.Although hunan this scenic spot is not satisfactory, but Hunan characteristics of food is very much, such as rice noodles, thin long rice noodles to eat lubrication and delicious, flavor is very unique, so a mouthful of powder is endless aftertaste.Dry salt powder is a kind of mixed powder, each rice flour is wrapped in sauce, the taste is very mellow.Salted duck in sauce is a local specialty. It tastes fresh, delicious and spicy.To sum up, although Hunan has unsatisfactory scenic spots, there are also scenic spots with beautiful scenery and distinctive cuisine, which are still desirable.