The plot ratio of Shimeji plot and Fangcun reconstruction plan is 2.0, and the storey height is less than 18 floors

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On April 2, The Natural resources and planning Bureau of Shijiazhuang City of Phoenix real Estate was informed that the design scheme of shimeji urban renewal project phase I (residential land, middle school land) is being published before approval.Shijiazhuang Chengshi Real Estate Development Co., LTD., the first phase of urban renewal project (residential land, middle school land), is reviewing the design scheme.The project is located in the east of Meji Street, south of Heping Road, west of Zhaiying Street and north of Yuejin Road. The land nature is residential and middle school land.According to the plan of the project, a total of 23 residential buildings (including 1 social security house) are planned and constructed in phase I of Shimeji Urban Renewal Project. In addition, there are 1 kindergarten of 9 classes, 1 middle school of 24 classes and supporting buildings.The residences are 11-18 stories of small high-rise.The residential plot of the project covers an area of 89788.73 square meters (about 134.68 mu), with a total construction area of 243494.33 square meters. There are 964 planned households, including 804 commercial houses and 160 social security houses. The plot ratio is 2.0, the building density is 17.93%, the green land rate is 35%, and 1,535 parking Spaces for motor vehicles.On March 31, real estate learned from shijiazhuang Natural Resources and planning Bureau that the design scheme of the first phase of the renovation and relocation area of Fangcun town is being published before approval.The project is located in the east of Tangugu Street and north of Cangsheng Road. The land is for residential use, with a land area of about 7.55 hectares (about 113.25 mu). It is normally handled and planned to build residential buildings.According to the project planning drawing, the first phase of fangcun Town village reconstruction and relocation Area is planned to build 19 residential buildings and a kindergarten of 6 classes.The total construction area is 214,437.26 square meters, the plot ratio is 2.0, the green land rate is 35%, and the planned residential users are 1,614.