Tongcheng: Optimize the business environment from the “fine”

2022-05-15 0 By

On the afternoon of March 27, tongcheng Government service hall took on a different scenery. Two foreigners clasped the hands of the staff and said thank you in stiff Chinese.It is understood that they are South Korean engineers working in Tongcheng Guoxuan New Energy Co., LTD., a key investment attraction enterprise in Tongcheng city. Due to their foreign status, they could not immediately apply for the health code, which brought great inconvenience to their travel and life.After receiving the help from the Public Security Bureau of the development Zone, Tongcheng Data and Resources Bureau immediately arranged the network information center staff to connect with the two Koreans to understand the specific situation. After meeting relevant requirements, tongcheng Data and Resources Bureau connected with the provincial platform in time, opened a green channel, passed identity authentication, and successfully applied for ankang code.At the same time, arrange one to one tutoring Korean friends ankang code specific operation, and remind matters needing attention, the staff at the end of the guidance also left a contact, for later can contact at any time.Since the establishment of wanshitong Ankang Code special class of Tongcheng Data Resources Bureau, more than 36,000 complaints about the use of Wanshitong Ankang code have been solved, more than 32,000 hotlines have been answered, and more than 55,000 pieces of critical epidemic data have been pushed to the epidemic prevention and control headquarters.To this year, to seriously implement the provinces and cities “on the two” meeting requirements of tongcheng city bureau of data resources innovation service mode, push “not close” e-government service over the weekend, sets up a special deputy the service window, form a special deputy agency team, establish a “one-off” told in advance, matter “one-on-one” guidance, afterwards “peer-to-peer” remind “one-stop” service mechanism,For enterprises and project units to provide “whole field and whole process” assistant agent services.Regularly organize window managers involved in related affairs to go to the development zone, Fangang Town and other places to carry out zero-distance extension services, listen to the difficulties and problems of enterprises on the spot, help them analyze the reasons and solve the problems.(Yang Zhongya, Huang Ting)