Winners announced!Have you received your year of the Tiger health bag?

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About you said the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival is coming, we are ready to welcome the spring blessing?Guangzhou Daily health about also sent a healthy gift for everyone!On January 26th, about you sent out 66 lucky bags for the Year of the Tiger (details here). Now all the lucky bags have been drawn out. What are the good things in the lucky bags?Including: ① by good doctor mouth and Yahao mouth sent by the value of 380 yuan of oral care gift package.I wish you a good New Year, every day a god of food!(2) Health about X Vasili year of the Tiger Limited New Year gift year of the tiger limited cultural and creative gift package (including the year of the tiger eight section jin Li is sealed and fortune tiger li is sealed each 1 set, and the chance to get a random sent out of the “Fu Hu Rimmen” door hanging 1).Yinhu New Year, spring na Fu!Who gets 66 healthy bags?Lucky bag list announced — name mobile phone Zhou X Mei 136XXXX7952 X text 151XXXX8071 Pan X Ting 188XXXX0342 Yang X Text 180XXXX0929 OU X bell 132XXXX2552 Tong X front 130XXXX6800 Chen X Hui189XXXX6839 Gu X sister 137XXXX6571 Liu X Ting 136XXXX3174 West XX Xue 137XXXX9895 Li X 185XXXX0807 Li X 159XXXX5117 Chen X Qing 136XXXX2779 Li X Ting134XXXX1833 Lu X na 159XXXX1039 Chen X 134XXXX2902 He X 135XXXX4227 Huang X sister 150XXXX7282 Zeng X Ling 136XXXX8854 Chen X lai 135XXXX4158 Liang X Juan136XXXX7774 Xu X Hua 177XXXX0942 Tian X 153XXXX8928 He X 139XXXX8928 Luo X lian 138XXXX3889 He X Jun 156XXXX9517 Chen X 138XXXX3980 Liang X sister135XXXX4037 Children X group 139XXXX3234 qing X 138XXXX5519 Talk X xing 139XXXX5325 Han X instrument 136XXXX9543 Li X 134XXXX7209 Huang X sister 137XXXX3854 Ma X xin183XXXX8882 Li X Ball 189XXXX8231 Yuan X Month 137XXXX2873 Li X 138XXXX2009 Wu X Yan 180XXXX7638 Xian X YUAN 136XXXX9959 Deng X Yan 186XXXX2778 X138XXXX2952 Yang X Rong 180XXXX8596 Zhong X 138XXXX8080 Feng X Xia 133XXXX8894 Chen X Mei 189XXXX1157 Ling X Guo 139XXXX2749 Luo X Bo 136XXXX6938 Nie X Ming135XXXX2227 Wang Xishan 186XXXX5782 Gu Xqian 136XXXX0187 Ye Xxin 134XXXX5491 Liu Xping 136XXXX1091 Xiang Xhua 136XXXX1963 Liang Xxing 137XXXX1050 Chen Xyan135XXXX6543 MAO X sister 139XXXX2052 zhong X right 136XXXX6019 Deng X Jiao 136XXXX0175 first X Lotus 136XXXX3039 Chen X Mei 138XXXX1117 new X 136XXXX9099 cheng X150XXXX6217 Blue X 178XXXX1007 Cheng X DE 151XXXX4818 Hu X 135XXXX0864 Fans who won the lottery and haven’t filled out their mailing information, please click here to fill it out.Deadline for mailing information filling: 0:00, January 31, 2022. Failure to fill in the mailing information after the deadline will be regarded as giving up the lucky bag.Affected by logistics, the second batch of lucky bags will be sent out after the holiday.At present, the first batch of lucky bags have been sent!About you have received a picture and New Year wishes ~~ “small ‘make axe’ door hanging has been used ~ lovely and happy!””Thank you for the blessing of the cute tiger cubs!”Thank you for your New Year’s blessing bag, I hope to bring you more health and welfare in the future!”Received the blessing bag of you, also to about you to return to the picture ~ Lunar New Year is coming, about you wish you dear fans friends happy year of the Tiger, good luck!Guangzhou Daily · New Flower city editor Li Jin