Young girls in short skirts sing onstage in the middle of winter. “They get a hundred and ten dollars a pop

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The development of The Times, while bringing countless opportunities, also let many people’s life pressure doubled.As the saying goes, many people have done their best just to live.In order to live, everyone is carrying something heavy, even wearing multiple jobs.In the minds of these people, perhaps there is no grand wish, just want to live a decent life, for which they pay a price and sorrow, is still unimaginable to ordinary people.In a rural area of Fuyang, Anhui Province, in order to celebrate the birthday of the father of the family, the children invited a special song and dance performance. After the lively program in front, the guests gradually dispersed, but in order to earn the 100 yuan, the last woman still tried her best to sing, doing her duty.In the adult world, it’s not easy, unless mom and dad have a mine.Although it is said that all roads lead to Rome, the gap between people is sometimes so magical, some people struggle most of their lives to reach “Rome”, and some people were born in “Rome” city.It happened in a village in Fuyang, Anhui Province.In this village, because an old man is celebrating his birthday, in order to do his filial piety, the children of the family specially invited a singing and dancing team for him to perform, a lively.At this time, the New Year passed soon, many places still have little left of the flavor of the New Year.But for a living, there are already performing teams open for business.After all, in this group’s mind, a year is just a unit of time, and they can literally pack up and get to the show if someone needs them on New Year’s Eve.Such teams tend to be less professional, and many are improvised, with some singing, some dancing and some singing.Rural people, especially the older ones, tend to be interested in some variety and opera. By the time the program is performed in the afternoon, many wonderful programs have gradually come to an end, and the crowd of spectators is slowly dispersed.At this time, it was the turn of a young girl to perform, her performance, is singing.Although she was technically an amateur, and there were few people left below, she sang hard to get a cut of the group.She was wearing nothing but a short skirt in the cold winter weather.She said bluntly that such a look can attract many people, especially in rural areas.Sure enough, after the performance, the rural uncle has not left to talk to her, asked her why she did not read at a young age, so out singing?She said, in fact, after graduating from technical school, she once entered a hospital, as a nurse, but it is temporary, no contract, the salary is also average, just have relatives to do this line, they followed out to do.She grew up in a poor family, there is a younger brother, in order to help the family, so finally choose this line, to make a living.In this regard, the rural uncle who wanted to talk more was also silent, embarrassed to continue to talk.Relying on their own hands to eat, originally is a matter of no fault, but because of age and dress, let the netizens also have a discussion.Some netizens said that it was normal to earn money by singing.But is it because overwearing affects your voice?Some netizens also said that not everyone is a rich second generation, and it is impossible for everyone to get into a good unit. Why not steal or rob?I remember when I was a child, the teacher asked everyone about their ideal, someone wanted to be a scientist, someone wanted to be a doctor, someone wanted to be a teacher.If anyone said that they want to make money when they grow up, they would probably be laughed to death by the whole class.But when I really step into the society, I don’t know where there are so many glamorous careers. If I can find a decent job, I have surpassed many of my peers.The so-called ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, is generally so.On the other hand, different starting points and different family backgrounds have determined the 360 lines.As long as the ability to earn money, whether life is good or not, can make a living on their own, are worthy of respect.