After the New Year, put away your boots!This year’s popular “loafers + skirts”, foreign style and slimmer

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Are you still wearing last year’s outdated boots?Over the New Year, is a new time, a new life, hurriedly put last year’s boots up!The latest trend this year is loafers with skirts, which guarantee that you will look slimmer while wearing them.Loafers & GT;Loafers are not only the elder of the shoe industry, but also the darling of the fashion industry. To choose a pair of suitable loafers is to win at the starting line.For short people, choose thick soles or high heels. For daily life, choose flat or low heels. Choose loafers directly.<Dress selection & GT;Choose high-waisted skirts and loose skirts.There should not be too much color difference between the skirt and loafers. It is better to choose the same color or adjacent color.For most ordinary people, you can’t go wrong with an A-shape or A loose H-shape for A skirt or an H-shape or an umbrella skirt for A maxi or MIDI.[second] Pop music shoes recommended NO.1 spice girls, small people must: thick bottom height loafers & LT;Collocation secret book >When matching thick loafers with small skirts, most sisters will choose short skirts, because it will show longer legs and higher height.With a short skirt, follow the way of matching wide at the top and tight at the bottom to give full play to the advantages of platform loafers.If thick-soled loafers are paired with pants, then choose a light color to make the whole more light and neat.But here we are wearing a skirt, choose dark loafers to show the height and slimness of the foundation, but also make the collocation more texture.But don’t just wear a pair of dark platform loafers with socks that match your loafs or skirt.Loafers with skirt recommendation & GT;Loafers with chunky soles and pleated skirts look great in real life.Short leather jacket with a high-end grey pleated skirt, personalized argyle tube socks and ultra high platform loafers, sweet and cool.Collocation secret book >(1) Loafers designed in pure color with blank ankle position are the most original loafers. Simplicity embodies the most natural material texture, the most beautiful lines and the most elegant temperament.This minimalist design of solid color loafers is often flat design, thin shoes, collocation must retain a sense of blank at the ankle, so as not to appear vulgar bloated.The most suitable loafers for urban white-collar workers are naturally the very simple and pure color loafers above.Remember to keep the balance of volume in this minimalist loafer.The best way is to combine simplicity and complexity.A light floral or print dress works best with minimal loafers.If you wear solid colors with loafers, don’t go for chunky fabrics.<Loafers with skirt recommendation & GT;Loafers are creamy white in design, delicate leather, and the light shimmering in the sun all reflect the texture.Long and narrow shoe design matchs go up small flat head, contracted in also having own individual character.Light color floral dress is more romantic atmosphere filled with workers in every space.Add a small leather bag, pure and fresh and lively in also having oneself sedate and reliable.No.3 Piggy girl, temperament goddess must: metal buckle loafers & LT;Collocation secret book >These loafers with metal accessories are one of the most popular loafers.If the matching is a short bottom, the most common way to match this loafer is: the missing wear method combined with a high waist line, strong combined to show longer legs!If the H style dress is changed into a long skirt, the overall choice of H style dress idea, and then expose the slender ankle line, with the metal decoration of the loafer is more brilliant.The h-shape is the same width at the top and bottom, but the hems should never be wider than shoulder width.Dresses can be cut with diagonal lines at the hem.<Loafers with skirt recommendation & GT;Soft and waxy cream cashmere coat with the same color of the top, easily block the cold winter left behind.Pair it with an H-cut suit skirt and loafers for a more unified look.Loafers with a high heel like the one above make you look polished and modern.Delicate pearl ornament on the vamp, subtle place is delicate.Loafers with skirts have a different sense of fashion, so unique collocation of course should also be combined with our body, so as to have a more unique temperament.<Pear shape & GT;The upper body, especially the waist, is slender, but the hip leg position is wide, and the fat is more. When matching, we should pay attention to the modification of the short leg.The matching scheme of the pear-shaped body must choose loose skirts.The dress should be wide and slim, like the one above, paired with a long blazer with a strong silhouette, and understated loafers that reveal the ankles.Apple shape & GT;(1) Body characteristics shoulder neck and leg lines are particularly fine, but the waist and abdomen position is relatively round, do not deliberately emphasize the waist when collocation.② Collocation scheme Apple figure in the collocation to avoid all will focus on the waist position collocation.A uniform, natural dress is better for an apple-shaped figure than a skirt that creates a dividing line.Dress also want to choose a certain hardness of the material, like the above knitted loose shift dress is very thin.Match with coat of same color department, use dark fuzzy line, show calf, show thin and have temperament.<Straight cylinder body & GT;The straight cylinder body is mainly divided into fat H type and thin H type.Fat H figure will look more mellow, collocation should choose more exposed wrist, ankle and other key points, choose more linear loose design of the single product.Thin H figure lacks curvilinear feeling, try to choose the way of dressing with elastic union to increase curvilinear beauty and administrative levels feeling.② The collocation scheme completely exposed the waist and hip line of knitted wrap skirt on other figure, may be a disaster, but for the thin H figure of the sisters is to increase the magic weapon of femininity.Inverted triangle shape & GT;(1) Body type characteristics The body below the chest is more symmetrical, but the shoulder is wide, the hip is narrow, the collocation needs to weaken the shoulder width, increase the hip width, adjust the proportion.② The collocation scheme is tight and deep and shallow, which is the savior of the inverted triangle figure.This kind of full skirt skirt, on the inverted triangle shape of the body is extremely suitable.However, loafers should also have a certain amount of sense because of their wider hemlines.For example, here is a square head high heel design, appropriate metal ornament, let the whole appears senior and matchless ~[Ending] Before the Chinese New Year, boots may be the mainstream of collocation, but after the Chinese New Year, fashion is the home ground of loafers and small skirts.Loafers and skirts may seem like a common combination, but you have to try them out to appreciate them. This treasure trove must be tried out