Construction in full swing!The construction of donggang Pump station is progressing smoothly

2022-05-16 0 By

Rebar binding, carpenter installation template……On February 19th, the construction sites of the new construction of Donggang pump station, maintenance and reinforcement of Donggang sluice and renovation of the adjacent sluice section were in full swing. Workers were constructing the pier wall of the sluice station and the downstream anti-punching trough.Xinjian zha station is located at the mouth of Donggang River, which is a low water system along the river. The terrain varies greatly in this area, with the maximum ground height difference of more than 1.50m. The area is divided into two water systems in the east and west, with huanghai Road as the boundary, the normal water level is 1.80m and 1.60m respectively, and the drainage control water level is 2.50m and 2.00m respectively.The closed control line between the two water systems is formed by buildings such as Donggang gate and No.4 bridge gate, which can control the drainage of waterlogged water from the low-lying west side when self-drainage is not possible.Drainage area of this design: east of Tiansheng River, south of Gangtao sluice and No.4 Bridge sluice, west of Tonglu Canal, drainage area is 13.6km².After confluence, the district waterlogged water is discharged from Lujing Sluice and the new Donggang Sluice station.The newly built gate station is the gate, the same hole of the station (self-draining pump station flow channel), a single hole with a clear width of 4.00m, a total of three holes.The designed discharge of gate station is 52.6m³/s;The designed strong discharge rate of pump station is 10.0m³/s.This is an engineering rendering.The construction period of the project is 280 days, and it will be completed in early August this year, and the underwater project will be completed by the end of May, with the conditions for underwater acceptance.At present, the project is progressing smoothly, nearly half.Source: Nantong