Hatton plans to return to the ring and is in talks with the 48-year-old Mexican

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Ricky Hatton, the British boxing champion and former world champion in two weight classes, plans to return to the ring.Hatton, 43, confirmed that he is now in talks to fight Mexican legend Mark-Antonio Barrera, 48.Hatton retired from boxing in 2009 after just two rounds against Manny Pacquiao, only to return three years later in 2012, only to lose a fight with Ukrainian Vyacheslav Senchenko.Hatton was leading in points when senchenko hit him with an uppercut and went down, never to appear again.Hatton is one of the most popular stars in British boxing and a model figure in his field. In addition to fighting Pacquiao, hatton lost to Floyd Mayweather in 2007 and has fought almost all the best of his generation.Despite the announcement of hatton’s return, he will be back in the ring for a disappointing exhibition fight.According to the Sun, talks between Hatton and Barrera have not yet been completed, but are progressing well and are now at an “advanced” stage.Hatton is understood to have started his rehabilitation training a few months ago and has regularly used social media to show his fans how he is doing.Hatton, who is away from the ring, opened a gym in the UK and has used his popularity to attract big names, including current WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Furie.One of hatton’s current priorities is grooming his son Campbell Hatton, who is signed to celebrity promoter Eddie Hearn.Barrera, who is expected to fight Hatton, is well known to boxing fans. He has surpassed Hatton in influence and achievements in boxing, winning three world titles at different levels and fighting famous fighters such as Manuel Marquez, Eric Morales and Manny Pacquiao.Interestingly, a few years ago had deliberately varela and hatton fight, when two people are active in professional field, it’s a pity that failed to reach an agreement, finally chose another British varela amir – he clash, it is his penultimate professional game in loss to varela after he completed a confrontation, thoroughly after retirement.Since last year, Barrera has tried to play exhibition matches, battling Jesus Soto and Daniel Ponce Deron.Barrera admitted he was influenced by the 2020 Mike Tyson VS Roy Jones Jr. exhibition match and decided to have a similar fight.It’s not just Barrera, but many others, such as “Golden boy” Oscar de la Hoya, who was also signed for an exhibition bout (which for some reason didn’t happen), and Evander Holyfield, who was destroyed by UFC star Vito Belfort in a single bout in an exhibition bout.Speaking about his comeback battle, Hatton made no secret of playing an exhibition game and said he would enjoy it.Hatton said: “I think it’s the best chance to show young fans what they can do and I’m all for having a dream fight like this.Many young people have told me that they have watched my fights on video, but they have never watched them live. That’s why I need exhibition fights. You don’t see your favorite idol get hurt, but you can give your skills to the fans, so I will do my best.”