Rizhao High-tech Zone cultural and sports center will soon be put into use

2022-05-16 0 By

The culture and sports center in Rizhao High-tech Zone will soon be put into use.Rizhao High-tech Zone culture and Sports Center project has a total construction area of 51424.36 square meters, including table tennis center, indoor tennis center, press conference hall, small theater, sports products, leisure catering, fitness training center.Center as the 25th provincial games at the venue, style is given priority to with PingYu center venues, mainly to undertake the provincial games and paralympics dryland curling, break dancing, table tennis, etc, among them, the configurable table tennis project 16 standardization of zhang ping, guarantee 64 athletes play at the same time, the rest of the project are also meet the requirements of class A event venues.(Report by Our correspondent Chen Hongyue)