The biological knowledge contained in Ji Hai Za Shi 5

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“Ji Hai miscellaneous poems · Its five” Qing Dynasty Gong Zizhen haodang Li Sorrow day inclined, Yin whip east refers to the horizon.Falling red is not heartless things, into the spring mud more protection.The vast and mighty parting melancholy toward the sunset west of the distant extension, leaving Beijing, riding whip to the east, the feeling is people in the horizon.I resigned to return home, like falling flowers from the branches, but it is not heartless things, into the soil in spring, but also play a role in nurturing the next generation.Haodangli sorrow oblique day, Yin whip east refers to the horizon.The two lines of lyric narration in the poem show the bold and free spirit in the infinite feeling.The poem “Great and Wide Parting Sorrow and Oblique Day” describes the poet’s feelings when he left the capital.When the poet left Beijing, he saw the decadence of the Qing Dynasty, and was unwilling to concur with the feudal forces and resign to return to his hometown.But he was still worried about the fate of the country and the fate of the feudal ruling class.”Haodang” this refers to the vast water, here yu “sorrow”, Li Yu once wrote a word “ask you how much sorrow, just like a river spring flow east.”The poet to Li Yu subjugates imprisoned sorrow boast, visible sorrow deep.The poet in order to set off the sorrow of departure, especially the time to leave Beijing in the evening, Ma Zhiyuan sanqu “sunset, heartbroken people in the horizon.Set off the sorrow of parting with the evening scene.The poet expresses sorrow incisively and vividly through metaphor and lining.”Yin whip east refers to the horizon” this sentence although no sorrow word, but also can express the poet from Beijing sorrow.Tianya refers to the poet’s hometown — Hangzhou. With a whip, he leaves Beijing far away until the end of the world. It is difficult to return to the capital again.On the one hand, parting is sad, after all, they live in the capital for many years, old friends like clouds, the past smoke;Parting, on the other hand, is pleasant, for one is freed from the chains of bondage and can return to the outside world to make a difference.In this way, the melancholy of departure and the joy of return are interwoven together, with both “great sorrow of departure” and “Yin Whip east refers to”;Both the day and the horizon are wide.These two pictures complement each other, reflecting each other, and are the true portrayal of the poet’s mood at that day.Falling red is not heartless things, into the spring mud more protection.The poet turned his pen from expressing his feelings of departure to expressing his ambition to serve his country.Falling flowers, however, is not without feelings of things, even into spring mud, but also willing to cultivate beautiful flowers grow.Not for the sole fragrance, but for the protection of flowers.The poet compares falling flowers with sentient feelings, showing that although the poet is divorced from officialdom, he is still concerned about the fate of the country, and does not forget to serve the country, fully expressing the poet’s courage, which has become a famous sentence handed down from generation to generation.Flowers fall back to the root, into the spring mud, can be pregnant with a new spring, color, fragrance, can be dedicated to the future.The poet was inspired by the laws of nature.Flowers bloom and fall in nature, originally by the wind and rain, no feelings at all, falling red can not be said to be “sentient things” or “heartless things”, but the poet completely combined his life with falling flowers, moved his feelings to falling flowers, so that falling flowers also have human feelings, so as to become sentient things.Falling flowers sentient beings, in order to brew a new color of the world – “into spring mud more protection of flowers”.At this point, the poet finally caught his flower-like thoughts, got rid of them, and rose to a solemn and sacred realm with the sense of mission of The Times.”Change into spring mud to protect the flower”, this is the flying flower alone, but also the poet’s solemn and sacred oath to break with the corrupt officialdom and fight against the dark forces.For the country and the people, in order to be like flowers, not hesitate to devote to mud.”Falling flowers” in the organic matter in the soil by microbial decomposition into inorganic matter, the formation of “spring mud”, can be used as plant nutrition (mineral nutrition, inorganic nutrition) by the plant absorption and utilization, to play a “flower protection” role.In the sense of biological system, it reflects the law of material circulation of ecological system.