Why can Cheng Yi be popular with his acting skills?

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Hello, everybody!I am the secret of Libra.Look at the face aesthetic design, take you to unlock the star beauty password!In 2020, an Oriental fantasy fairy drama “Coloured Glaze” let Cheng Yi thoroughly fire, popular all over the country, countless circle of fans, let many people know this excellent acting appearance level online handsome boy – Cheng Yi.Of course, I also see cheng Yi because of the drama of Glass, feel Cheng Yi is Si Feng itself, in his body, we can see efforts, his acting is also other flow of small students than.Chengyi looks very suitable for the costume modelling, his photos in the play as if out of picture in general let people exclaim, chengyi acting very give prize, his performance in “glass” can be said to be the shock to me, the play from beginning to end, from local to details, chengyi is a perfect, she doesn’t have any let me play a lens, let me play very input!Cheng Yi is very suitable for the style of ancient costume, his ancient costume is impeccable, really have a sense of peerless childe.Cheng Yi’s whole facial features have a high memory point, and the facial features are relatively delicate, handsome, and full of senior sense.His facial bones are strong, cheekbones are adducted, and his perfectly high skull and parietal head cover makes his face smaller, which also makes Cheng Yi more photogenic.Cheng Yi’s jaw Angle is relatively high, the whole facial contour line is more agile, looks more atmospheric photogenic oh!Cheng Yi facial features compact but not rapid, facial collocation is just the right sense of beauty.Cheng Yi eyebrow eye is abstruse picture, give a person sense of a kind of full English spirit, having already the relaxed and anacreontic like teenager, also having mature male sedate and glamour, it may be said to calculate really is the glamour male god that is rare in entertainment circle.Finally, I want to say that although Cheng Yi’s appearance level is not the top in the entertainment industry male stars, but he is the most recognizable oh!Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.Babies, if you also like Cheng Yi, remember to give me a thumbs up, love everyone ~ follow me, take you to see the stars!Star # #