Closing ceremony to feel the double Olympic city romance!Winter Olympics: Yuzuru Hanyu leads the figure skating exhibition

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The final competition day of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will come on February 20, Beijing time, and the final five gold MEDALS will be awarded before the closing ceremony. There will still be Chinese athletes in alpine skiing, bobsled and cross-country skiing.But in terms of viewing, the midday figure skating exhibition is undoubtedly the first choice, Yuzuru Hanyu, Serbakova and other stars will thank the audience.Of course, the highlight of the final day will be the closing ceremony at the Bird’s Nest.I believe that our memories of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics will be aroused again, and the Chinese romance will move the world again!Chinese Team 9:00Alpine Skiing mixed team 1/8 Final, 1/4 Final, Semifinal, Final China (Kong Fanying, Ni Yueming, Zhang Yangming, Xu Mingfu) 9:30 Bobsled Round 3, 4 Li Chunjian/Ye Jielong/Shi Hao/Ding Song;Sun Jiezhi/Wu Zhitao/Wu Qingze/ZhenHeng 11:00 30 kilometers cross-country skiing women’s collective (free) and the departure, gagarin, ChiChunXue, di, ni, garments, wood river, 12:00 Li Xin figure skating performance and smooth SuiWenJing/Han Cong, gold dapao 20:00 the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in the final day, we are more reluctantly.As for the highlight, it is undoubtedly the closing ceremony at the Bird’s Nest.It seems like only yesterday that the spectacular opening ceremony took place, and now we’re on the verge of the closing ceremony.According to chief director Zhang Yimou, the closing ceremony will focus on the athletes and serve the athletes’ must-go process.But the key element of the 2008 Games was the closing ceremony, which wanted to convey a particularly wistful feeling.According to the working group, the closing ceremony will focus more on athletes, as it is their celebration after hard training and competition.In terms of aesthetic tone, the creative team boldly used Chinese red against ice blue, and integrated traditional Chinese cultural symbols such as lanterns and Chinese knots into the ceremony as performance elements.And “double Olympic city” artistic interpretation, will also become one of the biggest points of the closing ceremony.As for who will carry the flag for the Chinese delegation at the closing ceremony…Keep it in suspense!Figure skating will be performed by Sui Wenjing/Han Cong, Serbakova, Trusova, Sakamoto Hanori, Kim Boyang and Yuzuru Hanyu. Since there are no special rules and restrictions on skating, it is expected that the “great spirits” can enjoy themselves and play freely.