Every time I send out a New Year’s gift, I feel closer to warmth

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As the Spring Festival is approaching, everyone is planning to take a vacation, go home and have a reunion. Xue Xingke, a Courier of Longxiang Branch of Yto In Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, is still running around the city.These days, he is busy delivering goods for customers to celebrate the Spring Festival.The end of the year is always the beginning of the express season.In addition, in recent years, major e-commerce platforms “New Year’s Goods Festival” increase, and increased a lot of express business.Xue xingke said he has experienced three New Year’s Shopping festivals so far, and the volume of deliveries has increased each year.In addition, his delivery areas are old residential areas, most need to climb stairs up and down.Therefore, it was already night after he delivered the express every day. Although he could not go off work until very late these days, Xue Xingke did not complain. He felt that he sent pieces every day and felt the thick Flavor of the New Year.Before doing express delivery, Xue Xingke used to be a catering salesman.In his previous work, he had more contact with yTO Tong, and his impression of yto Tong was getting better and better.He said that he chose to switch to express delivery, but also a temper and improvement of their own.Ever since he started delivering packages, Xue has been thinking about how to work more efficiently.He began to explore route selection, environmental fitness and area division, slowly accumulated experience, and now has become a seasoned delivery “big brother.”In addition, as a member of the Communist Party of China, xue joined the mobile Party branch of Yto Express in his delivery area when he became a Courier.He said, usually very busy delivery, joining the Party branch, on the one hand, I feel that I have a warm collective, on the other hand, can also participate in the branch to carry out various learning and public welfare activities, can drive around more Courier boys to play a positive energy.In Xue Xingke’s opinion, the Courier is the transmission link of the city, must let the customer satisfaction.In the process of dispatch, he often acts as a navigator to guide tourists and even helps them deal with emergencies.”The delivery boy is the walking camera of the city.”