I7-12700h + Full Health RTX 3060 All New Dell G15 open reservations

2022-05-17 0 By

In the next half a month, new games from major manufacturers will be launched in a cluster, equipped with 12 generation Core and RTX 30 series graphics card. Now Dell’s G15 has officially opened for booking, equipped with I7-12700H processor +RTX 3060 Laptop GPU, priced at 8099 yuan from booking, cost-effective or very high.There are two versions of Dell G15 in the first booking, both of which are equipped with i7-12700H processor +RTX 3060 Laptop GPU. The RTX 3060 is a 130W full blood version, which supports exclusive direct connection. The memory is a new DDR5 memory, and the standard configuration is 512GB SSD.The main difference between the two versions of G15 lies in the screen, the standard version is 100%sRGB+165Hz screen, the first pre-order price of 8,099 yuan;The slightly higher version is equipped with 2K resolution +99%DCI-P3+240Hz and will cost 8,999 yuan for pre-order.The pursuit of cost-effective friends can buy the standard version, the overall experience is already very high, if the pursuit of higher visual effects, then you can add 900 yuan to choose the high version.At present, other first-line brands of the same level of products, Dell G15 belongs to the rules of a product, the corresponding price is reasonable, the budget of 8000 yuan friends can pay more attention to this machine.(7865498).