Lantern Festival has passed, construction peak!Please be alert to these ten typical violations!

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The Lantern Festival is over, and the peak of construction is here. Meanwhile, violations of the rules and regulations are ready to start. Here are 10 typical violations of the rules and regulations.Violations: do not wear safety belt or wear safety belt incorrectly when working at height.Important to remind: fall for the site accident the first major killer!Operation at heights refers to the operation at heights above 2m (including 2m) of datum of falling height where falling is possible.Please fasten your seat belt properly and take no chances.Illegal behavior of unsafe standing position during lifting operation: standing under the lifting equipment, or within 3 meters of the lifting equipment and its movement trend, or even dipping any part of the body into the lifting equipment.In the mechanical equipment operation area.Stand in the working area or blind field of vision when loading and unloading vehicles and carrying personnel.Important reminder: Unsafe standing involves a wide range of violations, and many employees do not realize that they are violating regulations. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen education and training, emphasize the danger of unsafe standing, and define the work area.Illegal behavior of entering mechanical working area at will: enter mechanical operating area without power off, emergency stop or sign, which may cause accidents such as twisting, rolling, bumping, cutting, stamping and cutting.Important reminder: mechanical injury is everywhere, small cause personal injury, large cause casualties, high frequency of occurrence, is the most likely to happen illegal accidents.To strengthen safety education, so that the staff in strict accordance with the operation procedures.4. Entering a limited space without toxic gas detection and blindly rescuing illegal behaviors: Entering a limited space without toxic and harmful gas detection and without wearing protective equipment;Blind rescue after an accident.Important reminder: limited space accidents occur frequently, blind rescue caused by accident expansion.1. The operation approval system must be strictly implemented, and unauthorized entry into the limited space is strictly prohibited.2. “Ventilation first, then detection, and then operation” must be done. Unqualified operation of ventilation and detection is strictly prohibited.3. Personal protective equipment must be equipped to prevent poisoning and suffocation, and safety warning labels must be set. Operation without protective measures is strictly prohibited.4. Safety training must be carried out for the operation personnel, and it is strictly prohibited to work if the education and training fail.5. Emergency measures must be formulated, emergency equipment should be provided on site, and blind rescue is strictly prohibited.5. Illegal behavior of not wearing safety helmet at work site: not wearing safety helmet or wearing helmet without hat strap due to hot weather or other reasons, or taking off safety helmet due to fluke psychology.Important note: strike injury or other dangers are everywhere, do not take any chances, you may not wear a helmet that moment, the accident happened!The safety helmet must be properly worn as long as you are on the job site.Illegal fire operation: without approval, without risk analysis, illegal fire operation is carried out in the area where combustible materials exist.Important reminder: identification, approval, and finally fire operation.7. Illegal electrical operation: conducting electrical operation blindly without electrical operation certificate;Illegal live work, live inspection and maintenance;Touching live equipment and entering high voltage area without safety awareness.In the process of live work, when the equipment suddenly fails, the workers take a chance and give up the protective measures against electric shock.This is very dangerous. If the power supply is suddenly restored or the equipment is partially cut off due to a short circuit, electric shock may occur in contact with the equipment.Important reminder: electric shock accidents occur frequently, especially in summer, which requires special attention.8. Illegal behaviors: driving a forklift without a license, driving a forklift unlawfully, driving a forklift unlawfully, driving a forklift unlawfully, driving too fast;Stacking too high, driving a forklift without a seat belt, being overweight, standing in a blind spot!Important reminder: driving with license is strictly prohibited.9 Dangerous operations without warning sign Violation: dangerous operations without warning sign, resulting in accidents.Important caveat: Hanging out can save your life.Illegal operation of pressure vessels Illegal behavior: brutal handling, loading and unloading, using gas cylinders, illegal operation of pressure vessels.Important reminder: strictly follow the operation rules.Illegal command is murder illegal operation is suicide for the safety of you and others please do not illegal!!Source: ABC Safety Statement: This article is reproduced for further information purposes.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: