Network Chinese festival Spring Festival | say your New Year’s new wishes

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“New Year” means a new starting point, new expectations.On the first day of the Year of the Tiger, the general public took to the streets to celebrate the New Year, full of expectations and expectations for the New Year.Let’s listen to their wishes and good wishes for the New Year.Early in the morning, the citizens who went out of their homes took photos and clocking in at the spring jasmine flower attractions around the square, opened the New Year with cheers and laughter, and also said their wishes for the New Year in the festive atmosphere.Citizen: Children and old people are healthy and safe.Student: 100 on the exam.Student: I hope my grades are getting better and better. I hope to be admitted to a good high school.Delivery clerk: I come from Guangxi. Due to the epidemic this year, I can’t go home for the Spring Festival. I hope my family will be healthy and everyone will have a better life in the New Year.Nurse: I hope the epidemic will pass soon in the New Year.Citizen: In the New Year, I hope the country is peaceful and people are safe.Citizen: Earth-shaking changes have taken place in our country. China has become stronger and stronger. I hope the country will become stronger and more prosperous.During the Spring Festival of 2022, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal government carefully planned to launch a series of “Desert Yang New Year flavor” as the theme of the New Year’s eve short video,…This morning, the citizens received the first Chinese New Year gift from the Municipal Government, 325 National Highway Beisong to Baisha section of the diversion project officially opened…Source: Yangjiang Radio and Television Station