Lexus RZ interior officer image released, interior style is avant-garde, the use of racing steering wheel

2022-05-18 0 By

Lexus has unveiled the interior of its new electric RZ model, which features an edgy interior featuring a racing steering wheel.The Lexus RZ is a new electric SUV. The exterior of the new SUV has been revealed previously. It has a radical design and is a Lexus style and futuristic model, which will debut on April 20.The lexus RZ has a more radical interior design, with a racing steering wheel that has no top support and a handle on either side, much like a gamepad, though it probably won’t be seen in China.The LEXus RZ’s LCD meter is also very familial, but it’s smaller, recessed and has plenty of lines at both ends.The large screen of the new car adopts the concave style, which is more inclined to the driver’s side. Above the large screen is the meticulous air conditioning air outlet, and the whole driving position has a symmetrical effect.The Lexus RZ’s knob shift also looks textured, and its front floor is very flat.In terms of appearance, the front part of the new car adopts a family design, using x-shaped closed grille, with serrated lines at both ends.The new car uses a very three-dimensional large lamp group, the internal style of the headlamp is also very sharp.The bottom of the front face of the new car is a very layered front shovel, very athletic effect.The side of the new Lexus RZ body is very young style, the new car adopts a suspended roof, its D-pillar adopts a more aggressive design, the body of the second half is the floating effect of the line decoration.The wheel arches are also personalized, surrounded by bright black.The Rear of the Lexus RZ is radically shaped, with a forward-sloping rear windscreen, penetrating taillights and a layered silhouette for the lower part of the rear.