Many companies give year-end benefits, why only rice flour oil?

2022-05-18 0 By

Why do many companies only distribute rice and oil in their year-end benefits?And not a bonus?As we all know, many units of on-the-job employees, so in their own every year to the end of the year will receive a rich year-end bonus, some work units of this benefit is better, the year-end bonus will naturally be more, on the contrary, some work units of the benefit is not good, may be relatively lower year-end bonus.However, no matter how high or low the year-end bonus is, it is also a very good thing to pay it into your account in cash or in the form of punching, at least it can increase your final annual total income.However, he did not do this in some workplaces, which means he did not give year-end bonuses to his employees, but to some products, such as rice flour oil.This rice flour oil we are not to say it is bad, but the overall product value of rice flour oil, relatively speaking, is relatively low.Even if you give an employee a bag of good rice, good noodles, good oil.I may end up believing it’s worth more than $1,000.But let’s think about how you feel when your company gives you a year-end bonus of less than $1,000.So it’s perfectly understandable.As far as I know, the year-end bonus of some good monopolistic large state-owned enterprises can reach tens of thousands of yuan, and even some excellent employees can reach 30,000 yuan, which is everywhere.So if we compare other people, even your classmates can get more than 30,000 yuan year-end bonus, while your year-end bonus is only a bag of rice, a barrel of oil, a bag of noodles, or even less than 1,000 yuan, you can imagine that their lost mood is not to be mentioned.However, for a company to truly retain its employees and key members, it is important to provide corresponding benefits, especially year-end bonus, which can reflect a company’s care for employees and retain outstanding employees in a real sense.After all, every year after the Spring Festival, in fact, such a probability of staff loss will be relatively large, as a company, if you can normally issue year-end bonuses, then employees will naturally be bent on continuing to work for the unit.Will you no longer need to hire a new employee?Even in the process of recruiting and training new employees, the cost of training time, labor costs and other aspects, in fact, the effort and effort are not a problem.Therefore, year-end bonus plays a very important role in the overall development of a company. You can’t simply give year-end bonus to employees instead of so-called rice, flour and oil. Although there is a certain amount of care to some extent, such a practice is not worth the gain.The end result may be the loss of many excellent employees.However, if you work for a company that normally gives year-end bonuses to employees, then it is laudable to give them rice flour oil on top of this, but it is absolutely not acceptable to replace year-end bonuses with so-called rice flour oil.Thank you for reading, every day to talk about retirement knowledge that point, I focus on social security and retirement, if you like my article friends can add my attention, thank you.