Young volunteers: Let youth blossom on the front line

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(Xu Qichong, Correspondent Chen Jinhu) Since the new round of epidemic prevention and control battle began in Suqian, a group of “rebels” have volunteered to bravely declare war against the epidemic. Their practical actions show the courage and responsibility of young people in the new era.On April 9, the reporter came to the Jiuding community, Yellow River Street, Jingkai District, Suqian, and saw several young volunteers checking personnel information, contact points and input nucleic acid sampling data.Wang Zhenmin, secretary of the community Party Committee, said the volunteers were recruited and moved by their unpaid overtime and uncomplaining work during their volunteer service.Ye Wen 龠 : It has been almost a year since I last worked as a volunteer for epidemic prevention and control. During my school days, I wrote articles about rebels and photographed their hard work, thanked them for their efforts and admired their greatness.On April 1, I joined the volunteer organization for epidemic prevention and control again. I only hope that we can work with one heart and one mind to make our modest contribution to epidemic prevention and control and drive away the haze of the epidemic.My job is not to have direct contact with citizens, but to be in the community responsible for the statistics of risk areas, migrants, contacts and other information.Endless phone calls, endless forms…I admire the community workers more. Before our volunteers, they all worked for five people. They often had to work late into the night, sleep in the community and get up at four or five in the morning to continue working.From the initial fear of a strange virus to the orderly cooperation now, it is the tacit understanding that we work together to tide over the difficulties.We have become more united in the fight against the epidemic, and our country has made continuous progress in overcoming difficulties.I hope the epidemic will end at an early date, and those who oppose it can safely go home and rest as soon as possible.Thousands of gratitude in the heart, thousands of words can not say, only into the action, physical practice to pay tribute to all those who go against.I am a recent college graduate. On the evening of April 1st, I saw the information about the recruitment of volunteers forwarded on my wechat moments, so I decided to join a volunteer organization.I lived in Tongcheng Villa. On my first day as a volunteer, I was assigned to maintain order in the community. I stood for a whole morning, my legs and waist were very sore.Later I had a new task, is in the community with Wang Juan sister to sort out information, and then statistics yellow code personnel information.I thought community work was very easy, but I know firsthand how difficult it is.Sister Wang Juan, who is responsible for the data collection of the whole community, works in the community until early morning every day, updating data in various forms, and then screening the information of people involved in all risk areas. It is very hard, and the phone almost never stops.These days, community cadres live and eat in the community. During the day, they lead all community staff to do nucleic acid sampling work in the communities. At night, they have a meeting to arrange work for the next day.This volunteer work has brought me a lot of insights.It is said that there is no such thing as peace and quiet, but there are others who carry the burden for us. Thanks to their dedication and dedication, we are closer to the success of the fight against the epidemic.Long Runhong: “Epidemic” road face primrose blossom epidemic is an order, prevention and control is the responsibility.On the second day of nucleic acid sampling, my mother and I found the head of the community, and I successfully became a volunteer for epidemic prevention and control.I want to contribute my meager efforts to the community and make voluntary contributions to winning the battle against the epidemic with practical actions.At six o ‘clock in the morning on the first day as a volunteer, my mother and I came to the Regal Royal City Community to take charge of nucleic acid sampling site guidance. Later, the community cadres arranged me to the Jiuding Community Party and Mass Service Center to help the community staff do relevant data and statistics.After each form is completed, out of responsibility to the residents, we will screen, check and review again. This workload is huge, and each form has different requirements.The safety of the community is quietly paid, day and night to adhere to and struggle.Although this volunteer work is very hard, I am proud that I have quietly done my part for the safety of tens of thousands of residents in the community.During the volunteer activities, I have gained invaluable memories and sublimated my mind.May the epidemic dissipate as soon as possible, and we will continue to rush to a better tomorrow.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: