Zhang Changning, the “first player” of the Women’s Volleyball team, has officially announced that she may leave the national team temporarily

2022-05-18 0 By

Western valentine’s day on February 14, the day early in the morning, national women’s volleyball player Zhang Changning will give us a big surprise, that is choice in 9 9 points out his wedding photos, implies a long, long, long, and announced the wedding will be held in June this year, the news is the best response to paragraph time trying on wedding dress.Zhang Changning, 27, is at the peak of his career, with Olympic and World Cup gold MEDALS in his hands, but he got his license several years ago. Now he has officially married and his life is very full.She is also the first Chinese national volleyball player to get married.Although Zeng Chunlei has given birth, but has not formally held a wedding, so Zhang Changning is walking in front of many teammates in active duty.Zhang Changning and Wu Guanxi, a volleyball and a basketball, two people can be said to be a beauty, and co-founded the company, evenly matched and very well matched.However, Zhang Changning’s marriage also presented CAI Bin with a difficult problem, that is, how to play in the following women’s volleyball National League. Due to the conflict between the wedding date and the match, plus the preparation time, zhang Changning’s temporary absence from the national team is an inevitable fact, coupled with the absence of Zhu Ting, the head coach CAI Bin is short of manpower.But it is in the case of optimism, from previous surgery treatment for a broken leg and so on a series of actions, we do not rule out the possibility of Zhang Changning long-term absence, but as for the athletes, from training to the top, unimaginable pain takes a lot of ordinary people, so as long as oneself still have the energy, as long as your coach can also be recognized, that you should not give up.We hope Zhang Changning can return to the national team after the wedding, even though there are players like Li Yingying, but it is difficult to go alone, Wu Mengjie has physical talent but little experience in world series, so Zhang Changning is indispensable, we look forward to her return.